India’s premier watchmakers use Knowlarity’s Virtual Number with IVR Services to manage leads & enhance CX

Knowlarity’s Virtual Number with IVR Services for better lead management for a Watch company

India’s premier watchmakers use Knowlarity’s Virtual Number with IVR Services to manage leads & enhance CX

The transition of the retail industry towards the digital platform offered personalized experiences for customers, and empowered companies to become flexible at the same time. The traditional brick & mortar companies have embraced advanced technological tools to respond to the changing trends. They analyze rapidly evolving customer buying behavior and use analytics to leverage data in creating a funnel of a strategic and automated business process. It is the fifth largest integrated watch manufacturer which started as a joint venture of a large conglomerate to offer superior and elevated experiences to its consumers. Currently, it is offering a variety of brands for watches, jewellery, eyewear, fragrances and helmet products across the world.

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Scattered Communication Efforts

Being a large retail enterprise chain of numerous brands, it witnessed difficulty in tracking every call related to orders, sales, warranty, and queries. This resulted in missing out the top quality leads.

The Retail Enterprise was missing out on quality/potential leads due to the delayed process. There was no Real-time tracking & monitoring the calls received/ missed/ answered so that the managers could understand CX Journey and improve processes. As there was no centralized system, keeping track of customer queries was haywire. Thus, no calls were recorded either.

Integrating Customer Experience Efforts on a Single Platform

A smart solution like the Virtual Number Solution powered by Knowlarity offered the company's sales department the opportunity to keep track of every lead in the form of various calls received, missed and answered, in order to scale accordingly. The activation of multiple unique virtual numbers pan India has leveraged them to offer their services to the customers in a larger geography while keeping track of every lead to serve them better in the future. Even during the COVID phase, a remote team had simply managed to serve every customer queries instantly.

Success Post Knowlarity Solution

Streamling Customer Engagement on a Single Platform

Cloud-based Virtual Number Solution with IVR (Interactive Voice Response) service has helped in automating the workflow of the process for each store. The IVR services help in offering a personalised welcome greeting to every customer who calls on their business number. Knowlarity has offered unique virtual numbers to each store across the country. This has helped every store manager to get connected with the respective location-based calls/leads that are being routed through Knowlarity’s server, based on the pin code from the incoming call. Hence, this resulted in keeping track of every incoming call related to sales, warranty and various products, and monitoring every sales activity within the organization. Thus, this activity is now simply managed on a single platform of real-time call analytics dashboard.

Milestones Achieved

Sales support team is now live across every store in India
Improved sales operations efficiency
Managing services across Pan India with quick set up without infusing Capex
Live performance tracking of remote/sales team via real-time call analytics dashboard