An online insurance platform, is using Click to Call Solution to connect with its customers and enhance overall lead generation & ROI.

One of India’s premier Online Insurance Aggregators uses Knowlarity’s Click to Call Solution to elevate its customer engagement

Being an eminent online insurance platform, the company is using Click to Call Solution to connect with its customers and enhance overall lead generation & ROI.

The company offers a large portfolio of insurance services that comprises life, auto, health and other general insurance from all the major financial services providers in the country.

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Inability to connect with the customers smoothly and frequent spamming of number

The company has an in-house PRI infrastructure which has been set-up to equip their executives to engage with the customers. However, they were consistently facing connectivity issues with their existing communication system.

Also, the company’s phone numbers were frequently marked as spam on Truecaller. This made it even more difficult for them to engage with the customers. Noticing the spam number on the phone display, most of the outbound calls went unanswered. This raised a major concern for the company as lead conversion, sales and ROI were hugely impacted due to the strenuous customer engagement. Hence, the companay was in manjor need of an advanced automation in their calling system like Click to Call API Solution.

Effective and easy integration of Click to Call API Solution

Knowlarity’s Click to Call Solution with API was integrated into the company’s existing PRI infrastructure for streamlining their operational processes. This helped their executives connect with the customers through their own automated dialing system. With the integration of Click to Call API, the outbound calls were connected with the agents as per the scheduled timings. Also, the agents’ privacy was secured as their personal phone numbers were not shared with the customers. The Click to Call API received the agent's DID which was dynamically mapped by the company’s automated dialer. The Solution terminated these calls on their current DID which made the call directly land on the agent’s Softphone. As soon as the agent answers the incoming call, further connection is made with the customer instantly. This automation of the process helped in improving the agents’ performance. Apart from this, the company’s CLI is now changed on a regular basis as soon as they are marked spam by Truecaller. This has led to a significant improvement in their connectivity with the customers.

Success Post Knowlarity Solution

The company has amplified its customer engagement through Knowlarity’s Click to Call Solution. Being fully integrated into their business PRI infrastructure, the company is now able to connect their executives with the customers effortlessly.

The executives can now engage with the customers from anywhere through the automated call routing to their individual softphones. This has enabled the company to carry out its operations remotely without any hindrance. With minimized downtime, the customer support system of the company has gained miraculously. Also, quick TAT for CLI replacement ensures that the outbound calls are not reported as spam to the customers. The company has experienced comprehensive growth in terms of customer engagement, resulting in an overall increase in the ROI.

Milestones Achieved

Enhanced and seamless connectivity
Almost 0% downtime
Minimal TAT for CLI replacement
Increase in productivity and ROI