A leading chain of dermatology clinics in India uses Knowlarity’s Virtual Number Solution for each of its clinics

Knowlarity’s Virtual Number Solution for seamless appointment booking and support

A Leading Chain of Dermatology Clinics in India uses Knowlarity’s Virtual Number Solution for Each of its Clinics

With the onslaught of information, private clinics and hospitals are growing more conscious about being accessible to prospective customers. They want to be easily reachable and provide customers with a smooth customer experience.

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Absence of integrated communication efforts

The chain of clinics offers a gamut of services. It manages most of its appointments and patient management requirements via its call center.

Moreover, due to the absence of technological tools like call routing and discordant dashboard, agent productivity was not a metric the clinic chain was efficiently able to manage. The managers relied on manual data entered by executives to understand performance.

Integrating business processes with an intelligent & agile solution

Knowlarity's Cloud-based Virtual Number Solution aids 70+ clinics to streamline and automate their business process. It helps every clinic connect with customers, which are being routed through Knowlarity’s server.

Success Post Knowlarity Solution

Single Virtual Number for Improved Customer Experience

Knowlarity’s Super Receptionist plugin for Microsoft Dynamics helps each clinic in integrating the Virtual Number with the CRM. Hence, agents can glance through the customer’s profile even before receiving the call. If the customer is calling for the first time, a new record is created automatically. Hence, the clinic is able to keep track of every incoming call related to enquiry, appointments, follow-ups, and monitoring every sales activity within the clinic. Calls received during off-hours are logged into the CRM as missed calls and agents are able to act on them later with the single click of a button in their CRM. Clinic Managers are able to assess the performance of their agents as call recording of each call is attached to the call activity record in the CRM.

Milestones Achieved

Managing every single call
Real-time call recordings for insights
Real-time monitoring of clinics and agents
Streamlined Core Business Operations