A leading Logistics Company leverages Knowlarity’s Inbound Contact Center with IVR Services to manage its services across the country

Knowlarity’s Inbound Contact Center with IVR Services aids a logistic company in managing its processes

A leading Logistics Company leverages Knowlarity’s Inbound Contact Center with IVR Services to manage its services across the Country

It is a leading courier (logistics) service provider of domestic & international destinations. They provide exclusive services like premium express and supply chain solutions which help with the delivery of products as per the customer.

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Absence of an integrated voice channel to manage customer queries & opportunities

Earlier the logistics provider had an on-premise contact center model. There were multiple issues when workload was increased and required over 99% uptime from the contact center system to manage the customer queries.

Main Challenges being faced by them:

Uptime: The uptime was not reaching 99%

Hardware: Managing on-premise solution (contact center) was hard to keep up when there is an excess workload (customer queries)

Real-time Call Analytics: Monitor of live status of total calls answered/received, rejected, missed was difficult

Cloud based Inbound Contact Center with a Multi-level IVR solution automates the workflow and process.

The Cloud-based Inbound Contact Center works as a centralised contact center that receives incoming calls from multiple customers and routes the call to the available agent. The contact center can be launched without any capex requirement. This will ensure a quick response to customer queries without missing any opportunity.

Success Post Knowlarity Solution

Centralised inbound contact center powered by Knowlarity offered the opportunity to manage a streamlined and flexible cloud contact center to receive every call placed on the business number without missing a single call.

The automated IVR response solves most of the customer queries within the designed menu options which saves the time of both customers and agents. This transition increased every agent's productivity by answering a large number of calls as compared to earlier even when the agent is working remotely during the COVID phase. The success story of the leading logistics company depicts the smooth integration of Knowlarity’s Cloud communication solutions in the logistics industry.

Milestones Achieved

The uptime is now 99% or more
Improved operations efficiency: Minutes covered every month is 2.5 to 3 lakhs
Managing services across India with quick set up without infusing Capex
Live performance tracking of the remote team via real-time call analytics dashboard