The leading manufacturer of Eyecare Products uses Knowlarity’s Lead Management System Solution to Shorten their Lead Conversion Time

World’s Largest Manufacturer and Global Producer of Eye Products

The leading manufacturer of Eyecare Products uses Knowlarity’s Lead Management System Solution to Shorten their Lead Conversion Time

Knowlarity’s Lead Management System, which is a lead management software, helps Eyecare Products Manufacturer and scores of other manufacturers collect leads hence, improving ROI as well.

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Unable to reach the leads in time

The Premier Eyecare Products Manufacturers are synonymous with Eye lenses. They sell powered lenses and colored lenses worldwide and rule the markets in whichever country they are present.

The agents would get leads on the basis of their location.. The agents would manually call the prospects, and spend time first calling up the first prospects and later putting a small review of the conversation they had. The lead forms being collected on the website were simple and had no hassles coming the agent’s way. It was the process of managing the leads that was tedious. The time spent dealing with one lead was tedious and often led to reaching the next prospect much later, often so late that the prospect would have bought the lens of their choice on another website, or buying the same company’s lens on another E-Commerce’s website that was quick in lead conversion. Hence, the need for a robust Lead Management Solution was acutely felt by the company.

Quick, Flexible & Automated solution

Through Knowlarity’s Lead Management System, agents are able to reach leads as soon as their details are filled on the website. The system would recognize an idle agent and automatically dial up the prospect which makes the process more streamlined and productive.

Success Post Knowlarity Solution

Lead Management Software for faster lead conversion

Knowlarity’s Lead Management Software has effectively not only tackled the main problem of reaching leads late but also helped uncover areas in the CX that were making the Eyecare Products Manufacturer lose sales and improve business processes. Knowlarity’s Lead Management System empowered the Manufacturer to sell more products from their website before the leads even transitioned to E-Commerce. The agents are able to reach the leads faster, assist them in finding the right power for contact lenses, and quickly close the sale. This not only leads to more sales but increased the productivity of agents. Since the lead management software identified an idle agent and automatically dialed the lead, the entire process of lead management was automated.

Milestones Achieved

Productivity grew significantly
Increased ROI
Live performance tracking of customer care team via a real-time call analytics dashboard
Real-time report access
Managing services across India