A Multinational Hospitality Company integrated Virtual Numbers and Speech Analytics from Knowlarity for a Seamless Execution of Marketing Campaigns

A leading luxury 5 star hospitality chain uses Knowlarity’s Virtual Numbers to gauge Marketing ROI

A Multinational Hospitality Company integrated Virtual Numbers and Speech Analytics from Knowlarity for a Seamless Execution of Marketing Campaigns

It is imperative for the company to offer excellent customer service at every point of interaction. The use of Virtual Numbers allowed them to keep track on the performance of their marketing campaigns & service platforms.

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Inability to gauge the marketing effectiveness and measure ROI of the campaigns

The business, being one of the leading 5 star chains, was facing difficulty in tracking the performance of their marketing campaigns. Multiple campaigns were being run on different digital & non-digital platforms including social media,

There was no centralized dashboard or programmable speech analytics to help the managers track the lead conversions on a daily basis. The methods adopted by them were extremely time-consuming. Also, there was the absence of adequate training sessions for the executives due to the lack of customer call interaction details such as call recordings.

Empowering business communication with robust and comprehensive solutions

Knowlarity’s Virtual numbers have been assigned to different services like bookings of rooms, table reservations in restaurants, spa appointments, etc. These Virtual numbers are used in the marketing campaigns being run on varied digital & non-digital platforms. The company is able to measure which platform/channel is performing better by keeping track on the incoming customer calls. This has helped them to strategize their future marketing campaigns accordingly, parking the funds in the channels/platforms producing higher ROI. Also, Virtual Number offers call recording feature equipping the managers with real-time insights into the agents’ performances, helping them make informed decisions. This has provided them with the necessary data inputs for planning of future training sessions of the agents and executives. The implementation of Speech Analytics Solution has helped in reducing the manual task of going through each call to list down the total conversions of the day. The inbound and outbound calls are transcribed using pre-set keywords. Hence, the converted calls are filtered out. This enables the managers to get the exact number of bookings or reservations made in a day at a particular point of sale without going through the complete recordings.

Success Post Knowlarity Solution

The business has been able to increase the lead conversion rate resulting in enhanced revenue generation.

Unique Virtual Numbers are used in multiple marketing campaigns, helping the business analyze the performance of the campaigns as well as departments providing the varied services. The managers can now make more productive decisions keeping the ROI in view. More investments were now being allocated to the marketing on those platforms that performed better in terms of business objectives for the company. All the inbound and outbound calls from these virtual numbers are available as recordings, ensuring that proper training is carried out for the agents, enhancing their skills for better lead conversions and higher nps scores. Speech analytics powered call transcription enables the decision makers to get an overview of the lead conversions daily, saving time and workforce employability.

Milestones Achieved

Enhanced ROI
Improved operational efficiency
Data driven Marketing Campaigns
Relevant data analytics and metrics for monitoring sales
Boost agents’ performances