One of India’s earliest Beverages and Spirits’ Brand uses Toll-Free Number

Knowlarity's Toll-Free Number for better vendor relations

One of India’s earliest Beverages and Spirits’ Brand uses Toll-Free Number

Traditional businesses like that of Spirits and Beverages have gotten closer to their customers by engaging through digital innovations which offer a personalized touch to its customers. The world of digital commerce has also aided such businesses in reaching newer partners and sustaining existing ones to operate efficiently and accelerate their business growth. A premier Spirits & Beverages Brand uses Knowlarity’s Toll-free Number Solution as a contact number and the C2C Solution to reinvent the way it engages with its suppliers and distributors and build up relationships in order to be a profitable partner and keep them engaged with exciting offerings as well.

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Lack of a query & redressal channel for Suppliers & Distributors

The Beverage Manufacturer operates a number of known brands The company receives order requests from its suppliers and distributors.

The company experienced difficulty in tracking every call related to orders, sales, query redressal etc. Often the suppliers and distributors would call to place orders to the company and would be given numbers of different teams that handled different types of orders and queries. This resulted in a waste of bandwidth and time. Besides, a similar issue was faced when the company had to reach the suppliers/distributors in case of order delay, invoicing etc. All in all, the absence of a streamlined communication channel between the two delayed processes, caused operational inefficiencies and lowered ROI.

Single Channel for Streamlined Communication

A Toll-Free Number offered streamlined and dissipated order related procedures into one mainstream channel with easy top-down monitoring. Through Toll-Free, Suppliers and distributors are able to reach the company as soon as possible to place orders. The call of the cost isn’t borne by the partner and franchise stores. The dashboard recognizes an idle agent and automatically the call is routed to them. Every call received through the cloud solution has an analytics dashboard to monitor data from each agent/supplier/distributor and can be coherently viewed by the sales team and management. With a Toll-free Number, a business can answer every query with the IVR’s multi-level menu to establish immediate interaction. The smart solution of Click-to-Call enables the company to reach the suppliers and partners instantly.

Success Post Knowlarity Solution

Toll-Free Number for Better Communication and Operations

Agents are able to focus on their work rather than toiling through the small details like dialing numbers, redirecting queries and even working on reports. Real-time reports are easily accessible from anywhere to monitor overall business processes via analytics dashboard. The managers are able to concentrate on the bigger picture of their processes, than linger on manually filled forms to create exhaustive reports. They focus on improving overall performance of their contact centers. The middle management now has tighter quality control.

Milestones Achieved

Streamlined communication channel
Eased up sales process
Increased ROI on each agent
Real-time report access
Managing orders across India