One of UAE’s largest Real-Estate Portal uses Knowlarity’s Virtual Number Solution to Generate Quality Leads

Real-Estate Portal improved their Business Growth through Virtual Number Solution and Generate Quality Leads

One of UAE’s largest Real-Estate Portal uses Knowlarity’s Virtual Number Solution to Generate Quality Leads

Witnessing the on-going E-commerce boom, the synergy between cloud communication technologies and businesses has engraved phenomenal ways to quality leads and effective sales closures. Their online portal has enhanced customer experience virtually.

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Call tracking and management of recorded leads under one umbrella

Interested buyers/tenants can fill in their details and requirements on the website of the real estate portal which is processed further and an agent gets connected according to their business logic/area of expertise.

The online portal was not able to track and record the calls in real-time which increased their Spam call count for specific numbers & regions. Moreover, the count of missed calls, and not connected calls of lesser durations was more and tracking their particular data was not difficult without a unified communication platform.

Effective, easy to integrate & robust lead & call management system

Cloud-based Virtual Number Solution along with Number masking solution has helped in managing and automating the workflow process. Thus, their online portal has exponentially increased its outreach across UAE.

Success Post Knowlarity Solutio

Simplified Communication Platform with Improved Customer Experience

With an increase in the call connectivity ratio, the real estate online has been able to track and process quality leads into their system and closing deals faster than earlier. In order to diminish the spam calls, Hardcoding was applied to their call metrics and all the missed calls and not connected calls under 6 seconds were reckoned as not contacted calls. Hence acted as a catalyst in driving the overall call tracking and call flow in real-time. And notification/alert settings are now in place to notify the respective groups of agents working across various regions by enabling them to identify the DID, blacklisted number and region.

Milestones Achieved

Efficient lead management system lead to increased ROI
Real-time monitoring of customer support team with live call tracking & recordings
Analytics Dashboard for Deep Customer Insights
Productivity grew significantly
Managing services across UAE’s 7 emirates seamlessly