An Online Real Estate Portal uses Knowlarity’s Inbound Contact Center Solution for Quality Leads Generation

Knowlarity’s Inbound Contact Center Solution to boost lead generation for a real estate portal

An Online Real Estate Portal uses Knowlarity’s Inbound Contact Center Solution for Quality Leads Generation

A leading real estate online portal that is a subsidiary of a large Indian conglomerate that has business in media, TV, etc. It aims to offer a hassle-free customer experience through its online portal.

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Tracking of every lead generated from marketing campaigns

The real estate portal was looking for a partner who could manage/structure their heavy call volume and understand the ROI from the executed marketing campaigns runned for Print Advertising & Digital Advertisement.

The other challenges included no live tracking & monitoring of the leads handled by the agents of the designated campaigns. Absence of tracking customer support teams with no proper TAT for closure of any sales deals. As a result, they were not able to measure the customer satisfaction rate in the services they offered.

Secure, scalable & robust lead management platform

Cloud-based Inbound Solution with IVR has helped in maintaining centralized lead management automating the workflow of the operational process. Knowlarity’s Virtual Numbers with IVR facility have been used in Print ads.

Success Post Knowlarity Solution

Simplified Call & Lead Management with Satisfied Customer Experience

The business process has significantly improved and now they can track each lead generated through the marketing campaigns in real-time. Hence, now the team can measure the success of each campaign by tracking the total number of leads and measuring the ROI as well received from each marketing effort. The call management system has aided them to track the total calls received/answered/missed etc with recordings of customer & dealer or agent's conversations. Also, they are able to know if any customer calls after office hours. In case of any missed calls, those callers can be now called back to close their queries within the stipulated TAT. Hence, their customer satisfaction rate also improved.

Milestones Achieved

Uptime is now more than 99% & calls connect within 4 seconds
Improved agent productivity & increased success rate of all ad campaigns
An efficient lead management system leads to increased ROI
Real-time monitoring of TAT with live call tracking & recordings
Analytics Dashboard for Deep Customer InsightsProductivity grew significantly