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Never miss a call, ensure efficient student-mentor communication and increase conversions



Large volume of missed calls, inefficient student-mentor interaction, less leads and lower conversions

Edtech startups are at an all-time high and pose a bright future as advocated by several reports like this. E-learning, test preparations, MOOCs etc. are among the top fortes for startups. Digital education has made education easily accessible at a low cost. Traditional institutions are uptaking digital practices like LMS, MOOCs etc. to stay connected to students and make sure that they provide quality education over the medium that students spend most of their time on – smartphones.

Like every startup, ed-tech ones also push themselves to put up great, useful content for students on their platform. However, one thing that they often forget to care about is constant touch between the student and mentor. After all – this is meant to be at the heart of our education system. Imparting classroom education accessible digitally with minimal difference in the experience of a classroom and accessing knowledge digitally. In pursuit of this vision, startups should consider establishing a connection with the student. The student should feel that even if he is not getting tutored by a teacher in-person, his doubts and concerns are addressed by the mentor who is just a toll-free call away. Together, we have to work for an environment where the gap between a teacher and a student is filled with connectivity.

Sending class reminders, collecting students’ feedback, giving student access to recording of his interaction with the teacher for contemplation; all of this empowers the student and the mentor. Startups can leverage the cloud telephony enabled infrastructure to make sure that they never miss a students’ call and call analytics will help them monitor performance of teachers and students – helping them with giving feedback.


How Knowlarity’s cloud telephony services help digital ed-tech companies

Virtual number and IVR

Circulating mentors’ personal contact details is never an option, and a virtual number comes in handy when you need to publish one number which students can call with all queries.

Coupling the virtual number with an IVR system will allow the customers/students to reach the right person/department based on the type of their problem.

All your call logs and recordings will be arranged neatly in a singular dashboard, whether the call is taken in the office or in the field.

Inbound call center solution

With a plug and play setup, you can easily set up an inbound call center software and automate a huge chunk of the inbound calling process like call routing, agent monitoring (both personal and work mobile phones) and setting agent availability.

Toll-free number

A toll-free number allows your customers/students to reach your business for free – making it easy for them to get in touch with you. Resolution to their problems can be just a toll-free call away.

Missed call

When advertising your ed-tech business (especially offline), it is always risky to leave your website details for many potential customers think of visiting your website but may never do.

A missed call solution is the best choice for an instant call to action. All the visitor has to do is give a missed call, and they get registered as a lead! You can then use outbound solutions to reach out to them and engage them with more information about your business, increasing the chances of converting the lead into your customer multifold.

Text to speech based Outbound solutions

Outbound solutions allow you to engage your customers with relevant updates and notifications, like assignment deadlines, results, extra classes etc.

Text to speech allows you to personalize and customize your outbound calling experience. Your message can start with the customer’s name, and have details which are relevant to the customer like their phone number, date, etc.


Startups now use cloud telephony to power the support number that is advertised thereby never missing a call. Students can reach out to subject teachers through a dedicated toll-free number and call recordings of the conversation can be sent to them for contemplation. After integration with the LMS, startups can now notify the students about results, extra-classes, assignment submission deadlines etc. Therefore, the addition of cloud telephony to the artillery enabled startups to address the needs of students in an efficient, resource-friendly manner and that too digitally.

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