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Bring operations online, route queries to the right department automatically, and handle large call volumes with minimal manpower

Education institutions


No online infrastructure, large call volume, inefficient tracking of follow ups and missed calls

When nursery admissions are around the corner, schools gear up for the busiest week of the year. Forms, posters, and brochure are ready to be distributed to parents and school puts out advertisements in print media and online channels. Fast forward to the D-day – calls come in and the school is swamped with phone calls, emails etc. of enthusiastic parents who wish to enroll their kids to the school – bringing in chaos with the school wishing it had more staff to handle it all.


How Knowlarity’s cloud telephony services help educational institutions

Virtual number and IVR

Virtual numbers will allow the schools to publish one number everywhere on their collaterals – online and offline.

IVR will allow the parents to reach the right department, saving the school the pain of getting context ob queries again and again and then redirecting them to the right department.

Click to Call 

Click-to-call is the easiest and most efficient way to convert visitors to your online properties into leads. When the customer sees your number on an online ad, your website or even on social media, all they have to do is click to call the school in case of any queries you have – making the school just a click away.

Outbound calling solutions with TTS

Outbound solutions allow you to engage parents with important updates and notifications, including form submission deadlines, any new schemes, appointment schedule etc.

Text to speech allows you to personalize and customize your outbound calling experience. Your message can start with the parents’ name, and have details which are relevant to the parent like their like the date, location, room number, etc.


With ASR, the parents do not have to enter digits into the IVR. All they would need to do is speak and the response would be recorded by our systems using artificial intelligence and later converted into a textual format – making it easy for the parents to give you data, and easy for you to record it.

Mobile app

The best part is – all of the above features are now available on a mobile app. All data can be monitored using a mobile app, bringing everything to your fingertips, on the go – allowing you to never again miss a call from a parent.


With cloud telephony, your admissions team is now confident to address queries and embark on the admission process. School team can use the OBD feature to send periodic updates to parents who are registered on the website, allowing parents to be in constant touch with the school. A virtual number makes addressing queries a cakewalk for them. Analytics support empowers the school to gauge drop calls, conversions and assess the admissions funnel.

Your school can take a step further by making the results online via the virtual number. So now, a parent can call the toll free virtual number and enter the registration number of the child to obtain the result of the test and an interview slot. With school admissions team just a call away, parents will now be happy with the service, resulting in a good mouth publicity. Making announcements is as easy as typing text on an app and getting it conveyed to parents via a phone call through TTS feature. The paradigm shift in Nursery admissions will not only lead to more applications in the school, but also make resource allocation easy.

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