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Automate transactional conversations, track and record calls, measure ROI on promotional campaigns



Scattered communication, inefficient tracking of calls, low ROI on promotional campaigns

Banks have existed since very very long and a lot has changed since then namely policies, interest rates, use of technology, digitization etc. but one thing that has witnessed slower advancements is – customer relationships. As pointed out In a Global Consumer Banking Survey done in 2014, customers selected ‘the way I am treated’ as the second most important reason for trusting their banking provider, the first reason being ‘financial stability’. This itself is reason enough for financial services provider to look for ways to improve interactions with customers.

Customer service departments of banks are often conceived as sluggish, with poor communication skills and where most of the call attempts are not addressed. Poor customer satisfaction ratings compel the customer to opt out of your services and sign up for services offered by your competitor who happens to treat his customers well. As a financial service provider, it is expected that ROI on promotional campaigns must be known. Surprisingly this is not the case. Gone are the days when a customer would visit banks to survey the best deal on loans. Results, surveys and reports are just a google search away. Thus, websites and promotional web pages play a critical role in converting the prospect to a client.


How Knowlarity’s cloud telephony services help banks

Call Center Solution

Through cloud call center solutions, you can now record all calls in a singular dashboard, analyze cust

Virtual Number

With a virtual number, you can easily integrate your phone number with the dashboard, record all calls, track missed calls, schedule timely follow-ups and route all calls through a singular number for quick analytics.

Toll-free Number

A toll-free number allows your customers to call you for free. An easy-to-remember toll-free number makes your bank just a phone call away – letting customers know that you’re always there to listen to them.

Missed Call Services

Missed call services allow you to measure the RoI on your marketing campaigns, conduct poll and record data.

Automated Outbound Solutions

With Outbound calling solutions | Outbound calling | Automated … – KnowlarityAutomated Outbound Solutions, you can develop a personal connect with your customers by sending them wishes on special days, sending them messages with information exactly specific to them. Coupled with Text to Speech, outbound solutions allow you to generate an automated call for the customer which is personalized with details like the customer’s name, pending amount, total balance etc, depending on the purpose of the call.


After spending on personalized customer interactions, banks can now enjoy higher customer satisfaction ratings. With CRM integrations with IVR, customer relationship manager now has a single platform on which to view all customer interactions. This is really convenient and enables him to personalize conversation with a caller, based on past interactions. Mobile verification is now as easy as a call back on customer’s phone and all this powered by Knowlarity’s missed call solution.

In customer-centric business progress, feedback loop should be complete and be on priority to the management- thanks to ASR, financial services can perform sentiment analysis on customers’ feedback to gauge the emotion of customer with their offerings. Payment reminders, loan schemes and lucrative financial policies can now be targeted to each customer on his smartphone. This comes with a backing of analytics support which helps the bank calculate and take required action on the ROI of marketing campaigns. Overall, cloud telephony empowers the banking industry by making it customer-centric and helping the bank reach a step closer to its customer.

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 INDIA 1800-1020-340
  •  INDIA 1800-1020-340
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