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Insurance Companies

Track and record calls, analyze customer sentiment, measure ROI on campaigns



Scattered communication, inefficient analysis of customer sentiment and low ROI on campaigns

With similar-sounding insurance schemes in the market, everything boils down to sales capability. The better and efficient the sales strategy, more will be the signups for the insurance schemes. Telephonic conversation is still a widely used channel in insurance sales. Analysis of the calls is critical. Not only does it help analyse the call dynamics, but also helps explore what could be done to further improve the conversion rate. Insurance industry is filled with too many players, trying to woo the customers with their schemes and convince them to sign up. During such intense war, analysing sales becomes more important. There are several tools in the market that record the calls for later analysis however very few give the data points to draw actionable insights.


How Knowlarity’s cloud telephony services help insurance companies

Automated Outbound Solutions

With Automated Outbound Solutions, you can develop a personal connect with your customers by sending them wishes on special days, sending them messages with information exactly specific to them. Coupled with Text to Speech, outbound solutions allow you to generate an automated call for the customer which is personalized with details like the customer’s name, pending amount, total balance etc, depending on the purpose of the call.

ASR-powered IVR

When your customers call the toll-free or virtual number, an IVR greets your customers in a professional voice, and directs them to the person and department they wish to speak to without human intervention. Coupled with an ASR, the IVR records voice responses and the customer doesn’t need to type numbers in the dial pad. ASR makes the customer experience more human-like, making customers feel as if their interaction with the IVR is a human interaction

Call Center Solutions

With increasing number of customers and employees, it becomes more and more difficult to know what your agents have been saying to customers, if they’re really happy and if their calls are being answered on time. It’s important to know all this before it’s too late.

While most companies rely on managers to analyze this data, with cloud telephony, all of it can be automated. Automated Speech Recognition picks out certain keywords from each conversation and with keyword spotting, helps you understand which agent has the happiest customers. While you do not listen to all the calls, you still get data from what is happening in all of them, ensuring complete transparency about what’s happening between your agents and customers at all times.

Missed Call Services

Missed call services allow you to measure how well your customers respond to marketing campaigns on different media – online and offline. Printing different virtual numbers on different media can help you know where the traffic is coming from, what is working and what’s not. While you get all this, all the customer needs to do is give a missed call, which is no hassle for the customer at all, no matter where they are.

Missed call services can also be used to conduct polls and get feedback, amongst many other things.


After deploying the solutions, the insurance company converts more clients than before due to AI-powered ASR’s insights. By the performing sentiment analysis of the client-representative interaction, a company can improve the sales pitch on the basis of customer sentiment. Text-to-speech based automated outbound solutions complement the insurance company’s marketing channels in reaching out directly to the consumer over the phone. Through artificial intelligence, customer sentiment can be analyzed to predict near accurate needs and deploy a feedback loop to improve the sales pitch.

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  • INDIA 1800-1020-340
  • SINGAPORE +65-315-85-434
  • PHILIPPINES +63-264-06-899
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