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Track all calls efficiently, ensure customer privacy and reduce churn

Delivery Restaurants


Inefficiency in tracking customer calls, little customer privacy, high churn rate

There are several restaurants that have come up with the idea of serving food till midnight, and have agents ready that can deliver food late at night as well. People are now embracing the flexibility to order food whenever they want and have it delivered right at their doorstep. However, with more calls comes more manpower, and whether they choose to hire people not – they incur losses in the form of either more payout or missed calls.

Moreover, business overall declines due to failure of meeting customer expectations. Now coming to the calls which agents are actually able to take – it become quite difficult to track missed calls and follow-ups, record the calls and manage them seamlessly in a singular dashboard. The lack of an effective call management system led to the following problems:

  • Inability to keep track of customer calls effectively
  • Ensuring customer privacy
  • Bringing the high churn rate down


How Knowlarity’s cloud telephony services help delivery businesses

Toll-free Number

A toll-free number allows customers to call your restaurant for free. Publish your easy-to-remember toll-free number on marketing collaterals and witness increased conversions.

Text-to-speech based Automated Outbound Solutions

Restaurants often differentiate themselves with quirky ways to communicate with their clients. Social media is one thing, but one-on-one is never really possible without automating all of it and losing the personal touch. However, you will find middle ground with automated outbound solutions. Not only can you automate your message, you can personalize them for the user with details specific to them. Text-to-speech powered outbound calls address the recipient by their name and deliver the personalized message over an automated call. You can get in touch with your customers with exciting offers, interesting updates, or transactional notifications like reservation confirmation, order update, delivery update, payment confirmation etc.

Missed Call Solutions

Measuring RoI on your marketing campaigns was never so easy. Publish different virtual numbers on different collaterals, and see which number your customers call for query. This will help you with understanding which means of marketing work in different localities and help you iterate on your marketing plan with real-time data.


After the deposition of these services, your business can now tackle business loss more effectively. Call automation service can provide call forwarding according to the area of the customer and the outlet. Text to Speech feature allows you to send a promotional broadcast message to every customer who is engaged your restaurant. Not only do you witness a handsome decline in their churn rate, you can track calls and give a call back on missed calls quickly.

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INDIA 1800-1020-340
  • INDIA 1800-1020-340
  • SINGAPORE +65-315-85-434
  • PHILIPPINES +63-264-06-899
  • DUBAI/UAE +971-455-08-331
  • THAILAND +66-208-03-980
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