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  •  INDIA 1800-1020-340
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Ensure customer privacy, handle large volume of calls professionally and efficiently, and never miss a call again

Dine Delivery Restaurants


Lack of customer privacy, inefficient handling of calls, unprofessionalism, no way to track missed calls and follow-ups

Whether it is a student, a businessman or a person who works, everybody plans to enjoy their weekend with family or friends by enjoying tasty treats in their favourite restaurant. However, these restaurants cannot convert every visitor into a customer, which sometimes makes it difficult for them to accelerate their sales. All of this because of the lack of a call management system. Other related problems include:

  • Lack of customer privacy
  • Inefficient handling of calls which for enquiries, delivery orders and reservation of a table
  • Inability to handle professional calls
  • No track of customer calls


How Knowlarity’s cloud telephony services help dine-in and delivery restaurants

Toll-free Number

A toll-free number allows customers to call your restaurant for free. Publish your easy-to-remember toll-free number on marketing collaterals and witness increased conversions.

Smart IVR

With Smart IVR, your customers get greeted by a polite, human-like voice which helps them reach the right person/department based on the intent of the call

Coupled with ASR, IVR can record audio responses and make the experience more human-like for the customer. The customer can just pick up the phone and place an order, make a reservation, check for an update regarding delivery etc.

Text-to-speech based Automated Outbound Solutions

Restaurants often differentiate themselves with quirky ways to communicate with their clients. Social media is one thing, but one-on-one is never really possible without automating all of it and losing the personal touch. However, you will find middle ground with automated outbound solutions. Not only can you automate your message, you can personalize them for the user with details specific to them. Text-to-speech powered outbound calls address the recipient by their name and deliver the personalized message over an automated call. You can get in touch with your customers with exciting offers, interesting updates, or transactional notifications like reservation confirmation, order update, delivery update, payment confirmation etc.


After these services got implicated restaurants now can easily track customer calls. Through SMS services they can now message customer that there table is booked/reserved. There is an improve in customer privacy as the customers are directly connected with the delivery agents. Through smart IVR customer calls are directly transferred to outlets nearby to the customer. This saves time and money.

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Or, Talk to Sales
 INDIA 1800-1020-340
  •  INDIA 1800-1020-340
  •  SINGAPORE +65-315-85-434
  •  PHILIPPINES +63-264-06-899
  •  DUBAI/UAE +971-455-08-331
  •  THAILAND +66-208-03-980
  •  SAUDI ARABIA +966-11-5204444
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