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Automate booking process from end to end, improve customer service and earn customer loyalty



Automate booking process from end to end, improve customer service and earn customer loyalty

By nature, restaurants are high investment and low return on investment businesses. Close to 90% businesses fail within first year of operations. Those who survive struggle to keep up with the pace. Apart from great food, customer experience plays a critical role in deciding for success of the restaurant. Every touchpoint matters a lot. A lack of customer service makes the customer feel unwelcome and disengaged from the restaurant. There is a common saying in the restaurant industry that states people will come for the food, but will come back again for the service. The owner of restaurant has to multi-task by training staff for customer service, recruiting top notch chefs, advertising to attract new customers, engage to convert first timers to frequenters and many more to make sure that his restaurant is in the top choices among consumers. The greater efficiency and creativity one exhibits in these tasks, the better are the chances for success of the restaurant.

Not knowing the returns of the money he spent on putting out pamphlets and hoardings , the owner often repeats his mistake of reinvesting in the outbound channels that do not work for him. Open ended customer feedback loop leaves the owner with no choice than to trust his own guts and make an educated guess on what customer wants. Calling the restaurant manager to book a table is too old school when this can be replaced by a cloud telephony solution and trust us, the customer feels it and these petty things end up playing critical role when customer experience is considered in entirety.


Low return on investment, lack of good customer service, Inefficiency in table-booking process

Virtual Number

A virtual number gives an identity to your business. With a virtual number, your customers know the one place they can reach you at. Making it toll-free will allow your customers to reach you for free for hassle-free bookings.

Automated Outbound Solutions with Text-to-speech

Restaurants often differentiate themselves with quirky ways to communicate with their clients. Social media is one thing, but one-on-one is never really possible without automating all of it and losing the personal touch. However, you will find middle ground with automated outbound solutions . Not only can you automate your message, you can personalize them for the user with details specific to them. Text-to-speech powered outbound calls address the recipient by their name and deliver the personalized message over an automated call. You can get in touch with your customers with exciting offers, interesting updates, or transactional notifications like reservation confirmation.


With Cloud Telephony solutions, restaurant can witness increased customer loyalty. Toll-free virtual number completes the feedback loop from customer and this aids the owner in making operational decisions for the restaurant ranging from quality of food to ambience. This customer centered business development will rapidly increase the popularity of the restaurant and earn it word-of-mouth publicity from customers. Table booking is now just a toll free call away. With text-to-speech powered outbound calling solutions, restaurant owners can now send periodic offers to customers and broadcast promotional messages directly to the user expelling out the possibility that someone might not read the pamphlet pushed out through the newspaper. While Knowlarity takes care of operations, the restaurant focuses on serving delicious food!

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INDIA 1800-1020-340
  • INDIA 1800-1020-340
  • SINGAPORE +65-315-85-434
  • PHILIPPINES +63-264-06-899
  • DUBAI/UAE +971-455-08-331
  • THAILAND +66-208-03-980
  • SAUDI ARABIA +966-11-5204444
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