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Increase RoI on your marketing campaigns, engage your customers and enhance customer experience

Food & Beverages Marketplace


Low RoI on marketing campaigns, inefficient client engagement systems, bad customer experience

Online digital innovation brought the concept of the online marketplace. Now a customer can buy or use any product and services online and in the same way a person can sell out his products and services online. With the emergence of e-commerce, the food industry has also adopted this concept in the business and there are so many online marketplace portals providing third-party business to consumer sales and the industry is expected to target $2.7 billion by 2019. Nowadays food industry is also utilizing the concept of the online marketplace like there are several companies such as Zomato, Swiggy, Foodpanda. People use such websites or mobile apps to order food at their homes without any hustle. There are so many online food marketplace portal which give a lot of variety of foods to customers and customers can avail all these facilities at their fingertips. With current scenario when the lifestyle and living standards of people have been changed that transformed the food habits too.

Undoubtedly, online food order and delivery have a huge potential due to which there are ample online food providers in the market. Everyone wants to outstretch business by holding the maximum possible number of customers and for doing so, they need proper marketing campaigns, full-fledged client engagement system, a well established call center platform so that they cant missed out any incoming call. An appropriate engagement between clients is also a must, and all these challenges can be resolved by adopting various cloud telephony features.


How Knowlarity’s cloud telephony services help F&B marketplaces

Smart IVR

With Smart IVR, your customers get greeted by a polite, human-like voice which helps them reach the right person/department based on the intent of the call.

Coupled with ASR, IVR can record audio responses and make the experience more human-like for the customer. The customer can just pick up the phone and place an order, check for an update regarding delivery etc.

Missed Call Solutions

Measuring RoI on your marketing campaigns was never so easy. Publish different virtual numbers on different collaterals, and see which number your customers call for query. This will help you with understanding which means of marketing work in different localities and help you iterate on your marketing plan with real-time data. You can also use missed call solution to take feedback from customers. They can give a missed call on number A if they like the services, else they can call number B.

Virtual number

A virtual number gives an identity to your business. With a virtual number, your customers know the one place they can reach you at. Making it toll-free will allow your customers to reach you for free for hassle-free bookings.

Automated Outbound Solutions with Text to Speech

Restaurants often differentiate themselves with quirky ways to communicate with their clients. Social media is one thing, but one-on-one is never really possible without automating all of it and losing the personal touch. However, you will find middle ground with automated outbound solutions. Not only can you automate your message, you can personalize them for the user with details specific to them. Text-to-speech powered outbound calls address the recipient by their name and deliver the personalized message over an automated call. You can get in touch with your customers with exciting offers, interesting updates, or transactional notifications like reservation confirmation.

CRM integration

If you’re already using a CRM, then you can easily integrate any of the above services with your CRM for better pipeline management. Knowlarity’s SuperReceptionist integrates seamlessly with top CRM platforms like Hubspot, Zoho, Pipedrive etc.


Cloud telephony service plays an important role in any business, especially in one like an online food marketplace. By using virtual number services organization can track the return on investments. A lot of people leave one’s services just because of a bad experience, now companies can use missed call solution to get feedback from the customers and then improve accordingly. Whenever any deal is closed, both the buyer and seller get the notification for the concerned deal. This helps both clients stay on the same page, resulting in a hassle-free process.

Promotional messages, seasonal offers, discounts offers can now be sent to customers easily by using outbound messages and voice solution which definitely increases the productivity. Cloud telephony products help the online mediator reduce the cost and manpower efforts without compromising on quality.

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