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Automate appointment booking process, send reminders and notifications and handle inbound queries with one system.



Low client engagement, no automated system for booking appointments, high cost on manpower to do transactional tasks

Healthcare is one of the largest industries in India in terms of revenue and in terms of employment as well, and hospitals in India are major contributors in healthcare industry. As per today’s scenario most of the hospitals in India are using cloud telephony solutions for increasing their efficiency and market growth. One of the major challenges that hospitals in India are encountering is client engagement, which includes:

  • Patient appointment booking.
  • An automated system to monitor health check ups and appointments.
  • Regular reminders and notifications to clients.
  • A full-fledged system to handle n-numbers of enquiries over calls.


How Knowlarity’s cloud telephony services help hospitals

Smart IVR and Toll free number

With a growing business come greater employees, and it is almost impossible for one person to take on all kinds of business enquiries from existing and new customers. With more people, it becomes all the more difficult to track whether the right person has been getting the calls, and what they have been saying to our customers. IVR to the rescue! The hospital now witnesses increased subscriptions by reaching the prospect customer directly to his phone. Customer engagement improves significantly when grievance redressal, healthcare plans, information on the go are available just a call away.

If the IVR is coupled with a toll-free number, your customers can now reach you for free, making it convenient for them to get in touch with you at all times – something a hospital cannot ignore with the wellbeing of their customers at the forefront.

Toll free Number and Click to Call

A toll free number allows customers to reach a business for free. With click-to-call feature on the website, a customer can click on the number and directly reach the lab for any doubts they have or updates they need, which would further result in services being available at the click of a button – literally.

Inbound call center solution

With a plug and play setup, you can easily set up an inbound call center software and automate a huge chunk of the inbound calling process like call routing, agent monitoring (both personal and work mobile phones) and setting agent availability.

Outbound calling and messages

With our outbound calling and messaging solutions, you can now automate outreach to your customers directly via text. Certain applications include making announcements and giving regular updates – all of it with one platform. Outbound coupled with our text to speech solution can also allow you to send notifications via calls.

With an ever-increasing customer base with growing marketing efforts, outbound solutions allow you to maintain a personal relationship with your customers and go the extra mile!

Virtual number, IVR and Insights

A virtual number coupled with an IVR can help you with directing the customers to the right caller, or sorting them based on their purpose. For example, they can press 1 for report status, press 2 to speak with a specific doctor, etc. Further, with insights, they can get full context on previous conversation with the caller and have all the details in one place.


These solutions move the business completely from conventional phone system to cloud and help the hospitals in India manage unlimited calls on a single platform. Hospitals can send all the checkups and healthcare reminders to the client and can also track all the basic information through CRM integrated tool. Now a client can call the toll free number anytime to get desired information. Automation of processes which would take up unnecessary manpower leads to a hustle-free functioning and increased productivity in the hospital.

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