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Increase online discovery, share timely updates and reminders and provide last mile delivery to your clients



Poor online discovery, no way to regularly update clients and provide effective last mile delivery

Customer repeatability is an all time concern for customer facing businesses in India and pathlabs are very vulnerable in this case. With advent of digitisation and adoption of digitally enabled customer engagement, businesses in India want to make sure that every customer journey from discovery to delivery of service is fluid. A fluid customer experience spin offs a customer who is a frequenter, loyal and committed to your services and shall not leave unless you disservice him. What’s the privilege of a loyal customer? He won’t leave you even if someone offers the service at a competitive price – why ? Because he loves the way you serve him. The path to winning the customer loyalty and repeatability passes through tech empowered service delivery and improving the last mile delivery.

Having said that, last mile delivery has always been a pain point both for patient and the pathologist. Medical report delivery to patient takes time and logistics maintenance is a liability to the pathology lab. On receiving the report, the patient is often confused with the metrics and looks forward to seek an opinion of a medical professional on what those metrics actually mean and its consequences. Often there are patients who discover a lab in India through a web search and guiding the customer to your doorstep is essential part of prospect conversion to customer and unfortunately many labs miss out on this hot prospect.


How Knowlarity’s cloud telephony services help labs and research centers.

Outbound calling and messaging

With our outbound calling and messaging solutions, you can now automate outreach to your customers directly via text or a call. Certain applications include making announcements and giving regular updates about reports – all of it with one platform. Outbound coupled with our text to speech solution can also allow you to send notifications via calls.

With an ever-increasing customer base with growing marketing efforts, outbound solutions allow you to maintain a personal relationship with your customers and go the extra mile!

Toll free Number and Click to Call

A toll free number allows customers to reach a business for free. With click-to-call feature on the website, a customer can click on the number and directly reach the lab for any doubts they have or updates they need, which would further result in services being available at the click of a button – literally.

Virtual Number, IVR and Insights

A major problem for a business is tracking discovery and analyzing campaigns. With a virtual number, you can track where your customers are coming in, and reach out to them whenever required on appropriate occasions, like wishing them on festivals or informing them that their reports are ready (Virtual Number + OBD).

A virtual number or toll free number coupled with an IVR can help you with directing the customers to the right caller, or sorting them based on their purpose. For example, they can press 1 for report status, press 2 to speak with an expert, etc. Even if its one person on the other line taking all the calls, it makes the lab look professional and helps them understand the purpose behind the call even before they pick up. Further, with insights, they can get full context on previous conversation with the caller and have all the details in one place!


Your customers can now be notified when their report is ready to be downloaded. The toll free feature is helpful in quenching the patient’s thirst to know meaning of the metrics by enabling him to chat with an expert without undergoing the hassle of scheduling an appointment. The outbound feature of cloud telephony helps the lab to publicise health plans to customers. In entirety, cloud telephony empowers your lab in India to achieve customer repeatability and satisfaction thereby resulting in word of mouth publicity and thus increased revenue.

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INDIA 1800-1020-340
  • INDIA 1800-1020-340
  • SINGAPORE +65-315-85-434
  • PHILIPPINES +63-264-06-899
  • DUBAI/UAE +971-455-08-331
  • THAILAND +66-208-03-980
  • SAUDI ARABIA +966-11-5204444
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