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Resolve queries 24×7, notify buyers and sellers of important deals and keep them engaged without hassle

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Difficult to resolve queries 24×7, buyers and sellers often not on the same page (no instant/automatic notifications), customer engagement is a hassle

Healthcare industry going through rapid upheaval growth like many other industries which has given way to digital innovation and brought in the concept of the online marketplace. Now a customer can buy or use any product and services online and in the same way a person can sell out his products and services online. There are many online marketplace portals in India providing third-party consumer to consumer and business to consumer sales. Online marketplace allows people to sell or buy goods and services without setting up an online store and it also provides flexible business opportunities in India.

E-health care services market in India has witnessed quite a well growth in recent years as online marketplace provides a variety of products, services, and counseling at a single place. Nowadays a huge number of people visit these websites to get desired information and products as it is convenient to access. Buyers and sellers in India regularly use online marketplace and it’s a very tough task to engage all these clients together by providing a user-friendly platform. One of the challenges users basically deal with is not everyone is familiar with this online platform, another major problem there is considerable interaction between buyers and sellers that leads to miscommunication sometimes, to solve such issues marketplace needs an effective 24*7 helpline. An appropriate engagement between clients also a must, and all these challenges can be resolved by adopting various cloud telephony features.


How Knowlarity’s cloud telephony services help online healthcare marketplace

Smart IVR

With a growing business come greater employees, and it is almost impossible for one person to take on all kinds of business enquiries from existing and new customers. With more people, it becomes all the more difficult to track whether the right person has been getting the calls, and what they have been saying to our customers. IVR to the rescue! You can now witnesses increased subscriptions by reaching the prospect customer directly to his phone. Customer engagement improves significantly when information is available just a call away.

Outbound text and voice messages

With our outbound calling and messaging solutions, you can now automate outreach to your customers directly via text or a call. Certain applications include giving regular updates, informing about any special offers or sending catchy notifications – all of it with one platform. Outbound coupled with our text to speech solution can also allow you to send notifications via calls.

Missed call solutions

A missed call solution is one of the easiest ways to record your leads in one place. Let’s say a customer wishes to register for your services or request a callback. Rather than calling you and telling you the same thing, he can just give a missed call on the mentioned number and you would receive his details!

Call center solutions

With a plug and play setup, you can easily set up an inbound call center software and automate a huge chunk of the inbound calling process like call routing, agent monitoring (both personal and work mobile phones) and setting agent availability.

Outbound call center solutions allow you to track and record all your calls in one place, in a single dashboard – whether the agent is taking the call on a mobile phone or the landline. With our deep insights, you can also gauge caller sentiment without actually listening to all the calls – with ASR, you can look for relevant keywords like “disappointed” or “upset” and analyse your data accordingly.


Cloudy telephony plays a vital role in online healthcare market businesses in India. Anyone can now resolve his or her query anytime by using call center solution whether he is a buyer or a seller. Whenever any deal is closed, both the buyer and seller get the notification for the concerned deal. This helps both clients stay on the same page, resulting in a hassle-free process. Cloud telephony products help the online mediator to reduce the cost and manpower efforts without compromising on quality.

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INDIA 1800-1020-340
  • INDIA 1800-1020-340
  • SINGAPORE +65-315-85-434
  • PHILIPPINES +63-264-06-899
  • DUBAI/UAE +971-455-08-331
  • THAILAND +66-208-03-980
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