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Automate communication with attendees and prospects, analyze marketing pipeline and handle a large volume of calls

Event Company


Inefficient communcation with attendees, loopholes in timely alerts over messages, no automated alerts over phone

Organising an event is chaotic and hustle & bustle of organisers can be seen if you visit the venue hours prior to the event. No matter what the scale of event is, disorganisation can creep in.

Knowing hassles of event organisation, why has the number of events organised per year been soaring and expected to do so in the future as well? This is because events are perfect for creating a buzz around the product/ service and reach to wide array of audience. “Companies of the future” like Google, Apple, Microsoft organise tech events every year to showcase their research, launch products and build a community of early adopters. Such is the power of events.

We’re in a dire need of a tech enabled event solution which eases load on the organisers and let them focus on higher priority tasks. The solution should be such that it is automated and does not require much human resources – a precious resource in event organisation. Among the top concerns for an organiser are – sending event reminders, addressing queries, converting prospects from website to audience, managing the mobile app and ATL advertising. Organisers are swamped with to-dos and chances of slippage of the critical ones mentioned above are high. Conventional practices and tools do not offer a single tool which can address all of the concerns and most importantly with above 99.99% uptime.


How Knowlarity’s cloud telephony services help event companies

Missed Call Solutions

Gone are the days when the attendees used to do all the work. With the advent of technology, event management companies are now trying to take maximum work away from the attendees, making the registering process hassle-free for them and allowing them to spend their time in following updates and checking the event out. Now, people who wish to attend the event can just register using a missed call.

You can display different numbers on multiple marketing channels, which will allow you to track which advertising/marketing medium is getting you the most RoI. No hassle for attendees, and no work for you! All of it gets automated with missed call solutions. You can use the same database to send out automated updates and notifications using outbound solutions.


Click-to-call allows your customers and prospects to call directly from the number you give on your online media. Allt they need to do is click the contact number in their mobile screens or their laptops, and a call gets initiated! Sometimes your event may make a compelling case and the customer may decide to save your number and call you later – which seldom happens. Click-to-call takes that hassle away and helps your customers and prospects enjoy a convenient experience and come right to you from any online source.

Mobile App

With a million things to do, keeping a check on your team and what they’re up to is not something you can devote your time to. However, with a mobile app that offers detailed call insights, you can now crunch data and make data-backed decisions in minutes.

Virtual Number / toll-free + IVR

With a virtual number, you can now give your business an identity with a singular number, which you can publish everywhere. Making it toll-free will allow your customers to call you for free, allowing them to easily reach you whenever they have an order to make, give a feedback or ask any queries.

With an IVR, your customers can now get to the right person when they call, allowing your team to invest their manpower in calls they should be taking, and freeing up their bandwidth from directing and redirecting calls again and again.


Event organisers can now execute the event with ease, with efficiency, and in a resource-friendly manner. Whether it is a 100+ audience event or a conclave with thousands of attendees; cloud telephony complements your organising team to make the event a grand success. With backing of Outbound Solutions and Text-to-speech, the organiser can send outbound event messages/ reminders and create a buzz. Toll-free number makes sure that as an organizer you never miss a call and queries are addressed timely.

Click-to-call empowers you to complete the funnel through which a “may/ may-not-be interested in event” is converted to “ a must go event”/. When the prospect visits your web page, he can get in touch with you directly through the click-to-call feature; after which he is targeted with the event highlights and his takeaways. This is unprecedented because prior to this, a prospect had to go through the web to find a medium to get in touch with the organiser and amid of all the efforts he decides to leave it altogether.

Mobile App gives the audience all convenience of knowing the details and taking action through their smartphones. Thus, Knowlarity reduces friction in audience engagement and makes sure that the audience knows that like them you’re excited to welcome them too!

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