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Television broadcasting


Low engagement, little feedback from the community, decreasing active listeners

TV broadcasters are in the market since the dawn of television and since then this industry has evolved significantly with the emergence of internet and digital broadcasting. With the development of digital system worldwide and increasing penetration of internet, online TV viewing has increased in the past couple of years. Though the conventional medium of TV still dominates the market, yet digital and online transmission are fueling the pace of the TV broadcasting market. TV broadcasting is majorly segmented on the basis of content delivery method. These segments are such as analog, DTT, IPTV, cable and satellite online medium. Nowadays there are multiple broadcasters in the market like DTH, Videocon d2h, Airtel, Tata Sky and online broadcasters such as Youtube, Hotstar, Netflix, Voot which leads to a competitive market.

TV broadcasting is one of the major roles in the media industry. People can watch entertaining, educational, spiritual, and news channels on their TVs by paying nominal charges. With the competition, where dozens of broadcasters are already there, it is a nut-cracking job to stay in the marketing and earn profit. They want to reach out to maximum people with minimum efforts and manpower. One of the drawbacks they face in their advertising and marketing campaigns is to know which medium is the most efficient and returning the investment properly. A well-established and fully automated platform is always needed so that one can always stay engaged with one’s customers. To overcome such problems, broadcasters can now use cloud digital solutions for their businesses.


How Knowlarity’s cloud telephony services help radio

Smart IVR

With IVR Solutions, not only will you never miss a call again, you can also direct the caller to the right person improving customer experience manifold. Coupled with Automated Speech Recognition, IVR can also record voice responses, allowing you to give a more human-like experience to the caller and establish a connect in the first interaction.

Toll-free Helpline

A toll-free number allows your customers to reach your business for free. Publish an easy-to-remember toll-free number on your websites and all advertising channels – allowing your business to be just a toll-free call away for your customers and prospects alike.


Click-to-call allows your customers and prospects to call directly from the number you give on your online media. Allt they need to do is click the contact number in their mobile screens or their laptops, and a call gets initiated! Sometimes your website may make a compelling case, and the prospect may decide to save your number and call you later – which seldom happens. Click-to-call takes that hassle away, and helps your customers and prospects enjoy a convenient experience and come right to you from any online source.

Outbound Text and Voice Messages

Generating a huge customer base comes with the restriction of creating a personal connect with your customers. Sometimes, going the extra mile can differentiate you from your competitors and help you create the much-needed loyalty from your customers. Make automated and personalized recorded calls to your customers and inform them about new packages, renewal dates, payment dues or any other reminders using outbound calling and messaging services.

Virtual Number

Give your business an identity with a virtual number, giving your customers and leads a single destination where they know you’ll always be available.


These solutions move the business completely from conventional phone system to the cloud and help the broadcasters manage unlimited calls on a single platform. Virtual numbers for different marketing mediums can track the efficiency of each medium and can analyze ROI. TV Broadcasters can now send all important notifications regarding payment dues, renewal dates, notifications for any new package and reminders to clients. Click-to-call, an instant calling widget, strategically placed on host website, help them to get in touch with leads.

A client can call any time using the toll-free number to get the desired information. After adopting cloud solutions now any operator can connect with existing clients as well as new targeted customers to increase his sells. Through missed call, one can now run various campaigns. These non-conventional methods of client handling are so efficient that results can be seen on a real-time basis.

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  •  INDIA 1800-1020-340
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