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Automate personalized communication with your clients, handle large volumes of inbound queries and always keep buyers and sellers on the same page



Infrequent communication, little trust on brokers, less chances of online discovery

Real estate is largely unorganised and sales funnel is highly fragmented. Deals are lost mid-way attributed to unprofessional communication between prospects and broker. Even the classifieds and advertisements put out in the newspaper fail to reap quality leads ‘cause these campaigns are not monitored by metrics and their ROI is blurry. Real estate involves high monetary transactions and both seller, buyer sides trust only the professional brokers. It can be safely assumed, people look out for professional, truthful and loyal brokers in place of those who come up with lucrative deals.

While truthfulness and loyalty are intrinsic by nature, professionalism is extrinsic – can be instilled upon easily in complementation with technology. Missed unaddressed calls is a red flag for the broker, it portrays unprofessionalism and also leads to leaky sales funnel. The old adage “location, location, location” is true in real estate. However, with the consumer having so many brokers to choose from, the adage now becomes ”location, location, location, customer service”. With Google search, the customer is exposed to hundreds of brokers and websites – what happens when the prospect visits the broker’s website is the key.


How Knowlarity’s cloud telephony services help real estate brokers

Virtual Number

With a virtual number, you will never have to share your personal phone number with leads and customers again, unless you need to. All your calls will be directed to a number you wish to – preventing your phone from buzzing all the time even when you’re not available.

Toll-free Number

With a toll-free number, prospects and customers can now reach you for free. Having your business just a toll-free call away will allow your customers to reach you conveniently for all queries they have – helping you build better customer relationships and improve customer service.

Missed Call Solutions

Measure the RoI on your marketing campaigns using missed call solutions. You may have posted ads offline and online, or you may be running different campaigns. However and there is usually no way to know which ads are driving customers, and which ads are not. When you publish different virtual numbers on different marketing channels, all the prospect will have to do is give a missed call on the number to get a callback. This will allow you to measure the RoI on your marketing campaigns, and also ensure a hassle-free experience for your leads.

Automated Outbound Solutions

Once you have a large customer base, keeping in touch with everyone is difficult. With automated outbound calling and messaging, you can now reach out to your customers with personalized, automated messages and calls and touch base with them every now and then through important updates.

Call Center Solutions 

With a large number of customers comes a big team, and it is difficult to keep a check on customer sentiment and agent behaviour without the help of a dedicated manager.Cloud Contact Center brings all your agents’ conversations on a single dashboard with important insights to make data-backed decisions in a small amount of time.

With Automated Speech Recognition, you can analyze customer sentiment without even listening to a single call.


With the integration of Click-to-call on the website, the prospect can now get in touch customer representative of the broker to resolve the queries timely. The customer is now treated professionally with pre-recorded IVR message which greets him and carefully notes his requirements, post which he gets routed to concerned agent for serving him – all of this so smooth and frictionless that customer just loves the experience and wishes to work with you in his property search.

With metric driven Outbound Solutions and Text-to-speech feature, the broker can now target promotional messages to the customers and track the performance of his campaigns thereby enabling him to allocate his resource wisely. The client is now in touch with the broker through-out and he is contented since he knows that the calls will not be missed and will be timely answered. With integration of CRM with SuperReceptionist, calls are being recorded and sentiment analysis is being carried out to gauge the sentiment of the customer which helps the brokerage serving the customer well. After all, the success mantra for real estate is now “location, location, location, customer service”!

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