Knowlarity SuperReceptionist for Zoho. Now Handle inbound and outbound calls within Zoho!

Redefine Business Operations with SuperReceptionist & Zoho Integration

Knowlarity's SuperReceptionist integration with Zoho products is helping businesses stay ahead in today's competitive landscape, where providing a seamless and efficient customer experience is essential for businesses to thrive. Our SuperReceptionist is a Cloud-based phone system that allows you to manage, route, and record calls made to and from your business. Here are the highlights of how its integration with Zoho products allows organizations to ease their business operations:

Zoho Desk allows you to create new tickets from calls, add calls to an existing ticket, and create new contacts based on caller information.

Zoho CRM helps you access call recordings and build your leads from calls without having to switch between platforms

Zoho Recruit Tempowers you to track and analyze the performance of your prospects based on your calls

Zoho SalesIQ has provisions to allow you to set follow-up on calls with prospects based on previous conversations or missed calls that are notified to you.

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Zoho Corporation, one of the world's largest technology companies, has 50+ apps in nearly every major business category, including sales, marketing, customer support, accounting, and back-office operations, as well as productivity and collaboration tools. Zoho powers over 75 million businesses worldwide.



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