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Progressive Auto Dialer Software

Automate Outbound Calls for Agents and make your team more productive to utilize the time of your agents optimally

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Enhance Agent Productivity with a Progressive Auto Dialer Software

Progressive dialer software makes your agents more productive and allow your agents to progressively answer calls for multiple campaigns, at the pace of the campaign.


Maximize Business Outcome via Progressive Dialer

With an automated dialer software (phone dialer software), you can increase contact rates and increase revenue for your business


More Leads and Revenue

Waste less time dialing and spend more time talking to live prospects. Increase sales and revenue gains with a contact dialer.


Connect Outbound Calls based on Agent and Lead Connectivity

Avoid busy signals, answering machines, and disconnected numbers for your leads. The call gets connected only if an agent is available to take it.


Save Agent TIme and Improve Productivity

With your outbound calling process automated, you can save your agents' time and make them more productive.

Key Features


DND Filtering/Scrubbing

With DND Scrubbing, customers on DND will not receive updates from your company, saving you from any compliance troubles.


Live Analytics & Dashboard

Live Calls page has been modified to show Agent Type. When agents will be on live call, the agent will be able to view the live dashboard. Blended agents will now be able to carry on with both inbound and outbound calls.


Upload Phonebook

Upload your phonebook on the panel and feed data beforehand. Automate your whole outbound calling process and save time from feeding phone numbers again and again which works as phone dialer services.


Campaign Logs

Campaign logs show the status of running, completed and paused campaigns. Campaign logs can now be filtered using the Campaign Type filter. Outbound calling shows all the outbound call center type campaigns.


Agents Summary

With a singular dashboard on your phone dialer software, you can now change agents' availability status, the type of agent (inbound/outbound), type of call group and agent type.

Easily integrate your Progressive dialer software with any CRM Solution

super receptionalist integration

Easily integrate your dialer with any CRM Solution

Agents can see caller details for a live call on their CRM. CRM details for the particular customer will be popped up, thereby making the agent aware about the current customer and giving him more context.

See How Our Automated Outbound Dialers Help Businesses

outbound dialer

Call Center

Outbound auto dialer software can be used for organizations’ call center process for cold calling and inside sales of a product.


Banking Sector

Leads generated for the banking sector are quite high, and productivity of inside sales can be enhanced by using a Progressive Auto Dialer software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Progressive means ‘happening gradually’ and auto dialer is something that dials things for you (removes any human efforts). So, a Progressive Auto Dialer Software is an automatic system dialing telephone numbers for you, in a list. It usually, automatically keeps dialing a list of numbers fixated in your data. It is best suitable for outbound and call center solutions. A contact dialer increases the productivity of agents and helps use the time of each agent optimally. Use cases include small and mid sized call center process used for cold calling and inside sales of a product.

Some features of the Progressive Auto Dialer software include:

  • Automatic dialing: The system smartly prompts and dials the call without human intervention, which ensures all calls are answered.
  • DND Scrubbing: The system recognizes when the customer is on DND and saves the company from legal hassles with phone dialer services.
  • Agent Summary: The managers can keep a tap of the work done by every agent.
  • Live analytics and dashboard: The phone dialer software’s dashboard keeps you updated about the performance and provides an insightful overview to quickly decide next steps of action.

Yes, it is a good way to create leads for business. You can increase contact rates and which helps generate revenue. It uploads phonebooks on the "sup_con_panel" beforehand, so it saves the time of your agents. As they are able to attend and answer more callers the credibility increases and so the number of leads also gets created. If any call gets missed, then the number is stored and as soon as an agent gets free, the number is automatically dialed. The agent has to just answer it once the call is connected. This improves agent productivity and mistakes are minimised.

Call Centre is that part of the office that deals with transmission of calls. It is categorized into outbound call center and inbound call center, which deal with outgoing and incoming calls respectively. Some of the recent technology trends include:

  • IVR - IVR diverts the calls to the right departments.
  • Predictive Dialler - It plays a major role in saving time by automatically dialing the next number.
  • Outbound Calling – It helps calling number in bulk. It is basically used for advertising and campaigning.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get a free dialer in the market. However, you can get them at the best dialer rates in the market from us. Give us a call at 1800-419-0333 to know more.

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