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Programmable Speech Analytics

Platform as a Service
Introductory offer starting from as low as $0.003 per 15 seconds
Speech Analytics for Improved Business Intelligence
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Speech Analytics for Improved Business Intelligence

Use Cases

Improve Your Business Process with Speech Analytics Platform


Keyword Spotting

Focus & identify specific words and phrases to filter only the relevant conversations to derive domain specific insights & performance


Theme Discovery

Identify the intent & purpose of a conversation to take proactive actions & manage them better


Auto-Call Categorization

Trigger automated workflows by categorizing the types of calls received to optimize routing and allocation



Be it a telephony audio, voip audio or a multimedia video,transcribe post streaming or real-time - all with one single API



Create transcript of a variety of calls like customer service calls, sales calls, meeting recordings, zoom recordings etc


Customer Segment Identification

Create & identify new customer segments based on your conversations to enhance personalized experiences



Analyze conversational etiquettes like talk to listen ratio and speech ratio and take an action accordingly


People Intelligence

Analyze every conversation and identify trends or insights per agent or employee


Real Time Alerts

Trigger real-time notifications on occurrence of custom words or events important to you

How Knowarity helps in Building a Dynamic Speech Recognition Application


Quick Processing Time

Transcribe long audio files faster to gain quick and effective feedback when the conversation is still fresh in mind


Make more sense of your transcription with domain specific targeted words/phrases likes addresses, currencies, years, abbreviations etc


High quality speech recognition built for masses at the most affordable price

No Deployment Needed

Deployed on cloud

Multilingual Transcription

Analyze and convert 125 languages for better insights

Transcribe millions of calls to analyze customer conversation to improve your Operations Efficiency.

Customize your application as per your target users

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Power Packed Features


High Coverage

Utilize the extensive user-base to cover global languages by converting from speech to text


Real Time Speech

Extract speech recognition results in real-time


Speech Adaptation

Customize your speech analytics application by inserting industry specific or unique terms/phrases for auto detection of words



Recognize and transcribe multiple participants in a conversation


Noise Robustness

Easily identifies and converts audio to from noisy backgrounds without noise cancellation


Content Filtering

Redact your transcription of specific content like inappropriate words, confidential and personal information

Plan & Pricing

List Price(USD/15 seconds) upto 0.4 million mins upto 0.4- 1 million mins > 1 million mins
Voice API non-premium
(Logging enabled)
$0.0036 $0.0032 $0.0030
Voice API non-premium
$0.0054 $0.0048 $0.0045
Voice API Premium
(Logging enabled)
$0.0054 $0.0048 $0.0045
Voice API Premium
$0.0081 $0.0072 $0.0068
List Price(INR/15 seconds) upto 0.4 million mins upto 0.4- 1 million mins > 1 million mins
Voice API non-premium
(Logging enabled)
₹0.27 ₹0.24 ₹0.23
Voice API non-premium
₹0.41 ₹0.36 ₹0.34
Voice API Premium
(Logging enabled)
₹0.41 ₹0.36 ₹0.34
Voice API Premium
₹0.61 ₹0.54 ₹0.51

For higher volume usage connect with us


  • Voice API consists of endpoints for transcription, emotions, intent, questions etc
  • Prices mentioned above are exclusive of applicable taxes
  • Prices mentioned above are for 15 seconds
  • Prices mentioned above are for 1 channel of communication only
  • Each request is rounded up to the nearest increment of 15 seconds
  • Prices mentioned in each slab are for committed minimum usage per month
  • Each audio channel is billed separately. If you send requests with multiple channels, you will be billed according to the sum total length of audio processed from all channels
  • By opting in to data logging, you can allow the system to record audio data sent to Speech-to-Text. This data helps our system to improve the machine learning models used for speech transcription. Customers who opt in to data logging benefit from lower Speech-to-Text pricing
  • Premium models are special models for video and phone call transcriptions which provide better accuracy available in English (US), English (UK), Russian and Spanish (US)

Supported File Formats





Transcription API

Search API

Intent Identification API

Sentiment Identification API

Workflow Automation API

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