Advanced Call Forwarding

Automatically route calls in three classic modes


Advanced call forwarding is at the heart of how SuperReceptionsit works. When a customer call comes and is routed to the right department, there are multiple ways by which calls can be forwarded.

Let’s call customer A, B, C and the agents available to pick the call X, Y, Z.

Sequential call forwarding:
If the customer A calls and call is first attempted to X, then Y and then Z, it is called sequential call forwarding. In this case, when B calls, calls are again first attempted with X, then Y and then Z.
This leads to X always receiving customer calls. If he is busy or unavailable, only then calls are tried to Y and Z.

Round-Robin Call Forwarding:
It is similar to Sequential Call Forwarding but with more “fairness” to agents.
If the customer A calls, call is first attempted to X, then Y and the Z. However, when customer B calls, call is first attempted to Y, Z and then X. When customer C calls, call is first attempted to Z, then X and then Y.
This mechanism tries to distribute the load of calls equally over all of the agents and thus considered more “fair” call forwarding mechanism.

Parallel Call Forwarding
For some of the people Sequential and Round-Robin call forwarding will have problem. If it takes around 10 seconds to attempt the phone number of one agent – in ringing and such – and there are 5 agents the customer may have to wait for 6 seconds X 4 agents attempted = 24 seconds to speak with the last agent. This may be a too long a delay for some of the people.

There is a way to solve this problem. How about when the call comes, we ring everyone’s phone number in parallel? And as soon as any agent picks up the phone, we drop the rest of the agent’s call.

This mechanism minimizes the time it takes for the customer to connect with an agent. However, it also has a downside. For every call, every agent is attempted. This creates a lot of work load for the agents.

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