Custom On-Hold Music

Create the perfect on-hold music for your brand


Your business is flourishing and you are acquiring more and more customers daily. Of course the customers also require support. They call you and sometimes the agents are busy servicing other customers. They have to wait. They have to listen to the same boring “Please wait while we connect your call” message, repeatedly.

What if you could make their life better by replacing this “hold music” with something far better. What if it could be a custom informational message about your company that they can listen while they are waiting? It can open up new sales opportunities for you.

How This Feature Works?

A quick guide on Custom On-Hold Music

For example, if the customer if you provide travel services and the customer is waiting, you could talk about various travel deals you have. You can try to talk about how he can have membership and get a discount on the booking. You can make the best use of the time the customers is waiting. You can keep him entertained and at the same time get him to know more about your services.

Configuring is as simple as getting a mp3 file recorded and uploaded it on configuration panel. Follow the step by step instructions given in support

Other Features

Every feature is carefully designed to suit your business need and requirements.