Location-Based Routing

Configure the right agent against every location


Your business is flourishing. You used to have only one office. Now you have 5 – one in each metro city in India. While the business is great, you had not anticipated the problem of customers from Chennai having to talk with your sales team and call center employees in Delhi.

What if when the customer called from Chennai, call could only be given to sales team in Chennai and if the customer called from Delhi, call routed to sales team in Delhi? This would be amazing because sales team could visit them as well. Also they would much better local context and understand the customer problems also pretty well.

This magic is what location based routing does in SuperReceptionist. The local customer calls are routed to the local sales team. The magic uses the phone number format to determine the location of the customer and routes the calls accordingly.

How This Feature Works?

A quick guide on Location-Based Routing

Configuring location based routing is simple and straightforward. Just visit support and follow couple of easy steps

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