Personalized IVR System

The evolution of better customer experience


Customers love personalized attention. They do not want to be another “number” in the list of customers that business serves. They want to be greeted with their names and remembered. If you do that, they will be loyal and will keep coming back to you.

Personalized IVR does exactly the same. If you upload the names of your customers, and the phone number in the CRM, we would know who is calling when the customer calls. We welcome the caller by “Hello Tom, welcome to ABC company”. This delights.

Not only greeting, we also can change the IVR itself based on this knowledge. If it is an existing customer, we can offer him different choices or different information than if it is a new customer.

How This Feature Works?

A quick guide on personalized IVR System

The personalization has the power to change the way people see IVR. It can make it less “robot” and more “human”. This is the place where we need to put all the intelligence at. When a customer calls, we can provide not only a personalized IVR response to the customer, but also pop-up all the relevant information about the customer to the agent. By the time the agent picks up the phone to answer questions, he has all the customer information in front of him. He can greet him and also potentially know the customer problem by then.

We have various integrations avaialble to do the same. Visit support to set up personalization.

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