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Telesales and Lead Management Solution for your Call Center

Single virtual phone number for all business departments

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Tentacle: All in One Telemarketing Software To Improve Sales and Profit

Outbound Calling Software and Lead Management System for making calls and managing customers

Lead Management

Manage your leads with Outbound Call Center Lead Generation Software. Enhance lead conversion rate and ROI

Powerful CRM

Inbuilt CRM and lead management enables live call recording and generation of reports

Cloud Calling

Now you can make all your business calls over the cloud using just your smartphone

Easy Integration

Smooth integration with all CRMs, website and lead providers for better lead management

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Live Call Reports

Monitor your performance on the go! Generate live call reports and be one step ahead

Go Live in 5 Minutes

After activation, just upload your contacts and you're all set to start calling!

No Upfront Investment

No hidden costs. All you need is a smartphone and you're good to go!

No Landline or PRI Needed

Turn your smartphone into a call center. No other equipment is required

Pay As You Go

It is as easy as it gets. We will never charge you for what you haven't even used

Survey And Feedback

Continuous iteration and improvement with regular surveys and feedback. Your voice matters

Best CRM App for Managing Customers and Making Calls

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