A step closer to understand the IVR system

June 9, 2021

Interactive voice response system (IVR) is a system where the clients call is received by the pre-recorded message. This message helps the caller to reach to a solution for the problem. The caller has to press the desired number which related to their problem as they hear the recording. If the problem is not solved through the IVR it is transferred to the company agent. There are many cases where the company can use the IVR system.

There are many cases where the company can use the IVR solution. Some of the common areas of the IVR system are mentioned below. These case studies will help you understand the use of the IVR system.

IVR system for discount offers on pre-renewals

Hi, thank you for using HappyHomes Pvt. Ltd services! We are proud to have you as our esteemed customers. We are calling to inform you that your plan expires on 29 June 2018 and you can avail up to 50% discount with pre-renewal.

Press 1 for renewal of your plan now

Press 2 if you wish to renew your plan later

and press 3 to talk to our customer service executive

IVR system for the customers who are not using our services

Dear customer,

We noticed that you have not been using our services for some time now. Is there any way we can make this a better experience for you? Please let us know how!

To talk to our representatives Press 1

Press 2 to leave us a voice message

Press 3 if you need support for operating our services

IVR system for Churned Channel Partner

Hi Mohit, we haven’t touched base in a long time. I am looking to understand why that is, and if we can reconnect. We’re glad to inform that you can avail up to 50% more commission with renewal.

Press 1 to speak to our customer executive and know more

Press 2 if you do not wish to renew

IVR system for introducing New Features

Dear Customer,

We really appreciate you for choosing Pamper Pets. Thank you for giving our the to get the chance to pamper and take care of your pet; here are some new services and offers you can go through… (list features here)

Press 1 if you want us to mail you.

Press 2 if you want to hear it from our agent

IVR system to remind your customers for Renewal

Hi! It is great to have you as our customer. Your plan is expiring on 27 June 2018

Press- 1- If you want to renew your service with us.

Press-2- If you do not want to renew your service with us

Press-3- if you want to talk to our executive

Thank you.

IVR system for Churned Customer

Hi, this is Neha from Beauty.

We’ve noticed that you have stopped using our services.

Please let us know how we can change your mind.

If you renew now, you can get discounts up to 50%.

Press 1 to speak to a representative

Please be patient, while we connect you to an agent.

Press 2 to if you do not wish to renew.

Thank you for your time.

IVR system for the customer Feedback


Thank you for using our services. We would love to hear from you on how we’re doing! This will considerably help us in improving our services.

Press 1 if you’re satisfied

Press 2 if you’re dissatisfied

And Press 3 if you wish to speak to a customer executive

IVR system has many benefits for the company. It is a great tool for a company to save time, money and human efforts and give a good quality call time to its clients and customers.

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