How Cloud Telephony Works: The concept, benefits & types of solutions

Sep 13, 2021

What is Cloud Telephony?

Cloud telephony has become a popular term these days. This cloud-based solution has created a buzz in the market, and businesses are adopting the technology with great enthusiasm. So what is Cloud telephony, and how does it work? Let us discuss in detail the technology and how it benefits businesses.

Cloud telephony is also known as Cloud Communication, is a web-based / application-based solution provided and managed by a third party. It eliminates the requirement of traditional enterprise systems and offers a modern setup that is easy to install and implement. The technology is provided via the Unified Communications as a Services model by cloud telecommunications providers.

The Concept

Cloud Communication solution providers build, integrate, and implement the technology on their servers. Remote access is granted to the clients via the Internet on the subscription-based model, and the host continues to provide Maintenance & Support services. Benefits

The Cloud telephony creates a multi-channel and robust communication structure in place. The different cloud technologies offer many benefits and, when used simultaneously, empowers the organisation to automate and improve business communication. It helps the business to increase customer satisfaction and address the customers' issues quickly.

With benefits such as high conversion rate, creating an omnipresence to maximising operation efficiency, the solution is fast becoming popular. Many companies are adopting it. Businesses can get rid of complex conventional systems and introduce more agility in their business operations with cloud communication solutions that streamline communication with a modern infrastructure.

Types of Solutions

Below are some of the most popular cloud communication solutions.

Cloud Contact Center-

A Cloud-based solution is an easy-to-integrate cloud-based communication platform that helps in streamlining business communication. The solution is easy-to-install with a smart plug-n-play and integrates with the existing CRM software to get actionable insights.

Virtual Number-

A virtual number is a cloud-based number that helps businesses create seamless communication with customers. It is an easy-to-recall number that helps build brand awareness and credibility. It is used to route incoming calls to the available agents and enables callers to connect quickly with them. They can easily get their grievances addressed by the company representative.

IVR Solution-

If you wonder what cloud telephony is, you must get acquainted with one of the finest technologies that have completely transformed business communication. The Interactive Voice Response solution automates call management. It starts by offering personal greetings and providing self-help menus to the customers. In this way the solution offers a personal experience for the callers. Moreover, it provides the ease of self-help with multi-level menus. Number Masking

It is an advanced data protection solution that facilitates seamless communication and simultaneously focuses on the callers' and the agents' privacy. Call tracking and monitoring facility helps keep a tab on the customers' requirements and provide them the solution they need.

Missed Call

The solution provides customers with an easy way to connect with a business by simply giving a missed call. With an auto-dialer, the callers get connected to a live agent, IVR, or a Voice bot that helps them resolve their issues and answer their queries quickly.

Toll-free Number

It's a free business contact number that starts with the digits 1800 and is easy to recall. It offers customers the ease to call free of cost and get connected with the business quickly. The free number helps in increasing customer satisfaction and leads to higher conversion rates. Moreover, it helps to find new markets and optimise the marketing campaigns.

Automated Outbound Calling

The solution is a modern communication system that helps to reach out to the callers faster. It records the conversation without human supervision and helps to inform the target audience about product launches, special offers, and other promotional offers. It helps to inform, educate and persuade the customers to buy from the business.


It is an instant way to encourage the customers to get in touch with a business. With the click-to-call widget, the customers can quickly contact a company with a single click. By providing the relevant information, they can receive a call from the company's representative effortlessly.

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In a nutshell, it would be best for a growing business or a firm that finds itself stagnant in the competitive marketplace to get cloud telephony solutions.

Knowlarity with a pan India presence is helping companies to compete with the latest cloud technology and increase their revenue.

Some other cloud communication solutions making waves in the industry are Lead Management, Softphone Solutions- MPLS, and Virtual Mobile Number CLI. Tune into this space to get more answers on what is cloud telephony?

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