Advantages Of Video Conferencing: 7 Ways To Look Like A Pro

September 10, 2021

The pandemic brought about many changes. Though some COVID-related drawbacks and hindrances seemed challenging to overcome, we came out of the pandemic with new and unique ideas. One of the primary ones is the video conferencing system.

Video conferencing software has changed the way we work. Earlier, meetings required physical, in-person gatherings. Now, it is not a necessity anymore. Following the COVID-19 protocols, one can attend high-level conferences and host seminars and webinars using the video conferencing system from home.

The pandemic has allowed us to explore many advantages of video conferencing systems. Team members from geographically diverse locations can assemble and discuss critical topics. New and updated features also enable us to blur or change our background, making the meeting more lively and focussed. The video conferencing systems have proved to be a boon in the pandemic-stricken world. Even friends and family members have turned to them for virtual get-togethers.

However, not every video conference software is attractive enough to make a lasting impression. Implementing a few simple steps can make a big difference! Let us explore some ways to look like a pro.

1. Practice for one last time

Crucial meetings and conferences require much effort. No one wishes to ruin them because of technical glitches occurring last minute. Therefore, it is necessary to test all your gadgets and ensure good internet connectivity while the meeting is underway. You can also keep some backup options handy in case of any trouble.

2. Use an external microphone or headphone

Almost all laptops and computers come with built-in microphones these days. However, at times, there might be an echo or other distortions. To avoid this, one should use a headset, earphones, or earplugs for better audio quality. It will ensure your ideas transfer to other people without any trouble. Also, you will hear their ideas and thoughts clearly, assuring a smooth flow of the video conference.

3. Focus on the webcam

While the meeting or webinar continues, people sometimes lose their focus; avoid this. In any discussion, eye contact plays a significant role in non-verbal communication. In cases when one cannot see the other person physically, making eye contact virtually becomes essential. To do so, try looking at the webcam on your device. It will reflect your confidence and leave a positive impression on the person with whom you are conferencing.

4. Search for yourself

At the start of the conference, you need to search for yourself in the corner of the screen. Adjust the camera angle to give a good shot of your face. Ensure to check on yourself periodically. However, do not stare at yourself for too long. Keep switching between your image on the screen and the webcam to look like a pro in the conference.

5. Check the background

In a video meeting, the background behind you matters. Therefore, ensure to have a professional backdrop, such as a good painting or a bookshelf. If there is nothing such, a blank wall is better than a messy surrounding.

6. Ensure to have minor disruptions

Before the video conference starts, ensure you have already informed the people about the relevant meeting. Further, check that your pets and children are not underfoot during the session. Zero disruptions make for a good and impressive conference.

7. Mute things around you

Mute your gadgets such as your phone or alarm clock, or anything that could create potential disturbances. It will prevent you from embarrassing yourself in the middle of a meaningful discussion.


The advantages and tips discussed above need proper implementation. Making minor changes and paying a little more attention to the details could leave a positive impression, making you memorable to people. Take your time, keep some of these points in mind, and start partaking in video conferences like a pro.

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