How Amazing Cosmetics seamlessly took on a new product launch without hiring more people!

May 19, 2021

Amazing Cosmetics is one of the growing e-commerce service providers innovating cosmetics solutions through the online market. The company was earlier providing branded cosmetics for females, but now it wants to introduce cosmetics among males too. With more popularity would come more call inflow, and Amazing Cosmetics needed to be prepared.

Hiring was not a long-term solution, so it turned to automation. Learning that it could happen at a lesser cost than what they would spend on recruitment was a surprise! After all, has anyone ever bought better cosmetics at a cheaper price?

Amazing Cosmetics needed a complete solution for managing operations to create deep customer contact. However, every relationship is different, and you may never know what makes the customer churn. Tracing the exact cause is nearly impossible due to the difficulty of mapping each and every customer interaction between the customer and the agent, and more importantly, analyze it.

They needed a solution that would allow them to:

  • Track every sale and support call.
  • Create their customer database.
  • Understand and analyze their customer requirements.
  • Execute marketing and remarketing campaigns.

The more Amazing Cosmetics used cloud telephony, the more convinced they got that it was the right solution for their needs. Here are the cloud telephony solutions they leveraged:

Toll-free Number

A toll-free number helped them in marketing and repeat sales through remarketing. Also, with a call management system in place, it helped them in overall call communication experience.

Further, with a way for customers to reach them for free on an easy-to-remember number, inquiries increased multifold!

Virtual Number

With a load of call inquiries, it was difficult for agents to keep track of missed calls and follow up with certain customers. Manual systems had made it more of a mess.

This is when virtual numbers proved most useful. When a customer would call on a virtual number, the call would automatically be transferred to agents working under Amazing Cosmetics with the help of an IVR system. The right agent would get the right call, and agents would have context on the customer even before they would pick up the call.

This would eliminate scenarios of customer waiting for minutes to get their calls transferred to the right person, or the agent asking redundant questions at the beginning of the call – making the customer want to not call ever again.

With cloud telephony solutions, Amazing Cosmetics can now monitor and track all calls through call logs and recordings. They are now able to track and follow up with missed calls of sales and support, optimize operations and improve after-sales service, and strategize marketing campaigns.

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