How To Amplify Your Conversion Rates With Click To Call Solutions

Dec 24, 2021

With evolving technologies, we are going towards an area where audiences have become smarter about their purchases. With a smartphone becoming accessible to everyone, customers rely more on calling the business before buying anything. This means businesses need to look for solutions for their business. Marketing strategies saw changes after these problems. Ads play an important role. However, if your audience or prospects do not click on it, all efforts go in vain. Rather, you must take advantage of click-to-call service to amplify your conversion rates.

This is solved by the CTAs, i.e., the call-to-action buttons. These are specially made for your audiences to take action. Without these, your business would not gain any subscriptions, orders or increase its revenue with larger audiences.

Businesses are aiming towards making the calling experience for their callers seamless. Making a call should also be a seamless experience. It is recommended to put calling from the website as an easy and reliable option. Your customer should gain all the resources and support from your business website itself.

Let us briefly know what Click-to-call is?

What is click to call?

Click-to-call is the easiest way to connect to a business in real-time instantly. Communication is made easier with this service. They will be needed to give their contact number if they want to reach out to get a call back instantly.

For example, with every search your audience makes, they will be given a direction to call the business and talk with them directly.

But the question still stands, why a Click-to-call will amplify your conversion rates? Let’s begin

Why does a Click-to-call amplify your conversion rates?

Several cloud communication businesses provide Click-to-call services. By implementing this service into your website or apps, you provide your customers with the ultimate user experience by finding solutions for them instantly.

  • Through Click-to-call, you have an opportunity of making a sale every time you get a call. Through your sales team, they can make a sale by just talking to the customers directly, marketing your product or businesses, and getting them to buy it. By instantly connecting and communicating through Click-to-call with them, you amplify your conversion rates and improve the customer experience.

  • People still rely more on calling and talking to the business directly, as it gives them a sense of real-time communication with you. So, people still prefer to call businesses before taking action. So, people are still using click-to-call services to reach out.

  • The majority of the people currently use their mobile phone for searching for anything. And they will likely be calling the business if they are searching from the phone. That is why** Click-to-call services are important for businesses** now more than ever.

  • People will always prefer the fastest way to reach out. The fastest way for them is always going to be a call. So, your business needs to have Click-to-call services, whether it is on a website or app.

  • When a customer calls you, it is possible that they are searching for a purchase and will most probably make a purchase after their call. The call most likely was to know more about your services and whether they can trust you.

It has often been observed that making a call is a crucial part of decision-making from a customer perspective.

Click-to-call service is a significant technology feature you can take help from. It is more viable for the customer to tap on a button and make a call than to memorize or copy a number on the dial pad.

Cloud communication businesses like Knowlarity provide services related to Click-to-call services. They have advanced features, such as tracking, recording the call, etc. You can get details about your clientele and enhance your services through these features.


Clients typically notice how their call experience with the business went. If you give them apt replies, provide solutions, and answer their queries easily, they are more likely to purchase your business. You should give your customers an easy way to reach out to them, and the Click-to-call service feature is one of the channels which will help them connect to you without any issues.

Written By:  Aliya


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