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March 20, 2015

A VIP number uses a combination of alphabet and numbers to increase the recall value of your advertising. Studies show that special numbers or phone words are easier to recall by as much as 30-50%.

Who should use a VIP number?

A VIP number has great recall value, which makes it a great tool for outdoor advertising. A number like 1800 – RENT is far easier to remember than a conventional phone number say 1-800-756.

A VIP number is a good investment for your Virtual office if-

You have a business website You sell your products and services online You have a nationwide operation

VIP Numbers have been in use since the last three decades. The popularity is such that 1800 numbers are notoriously hard to get. In fact the popularity of the 1800 Toll-Free Numbers spawned other prefixes like the 1 -888, 1-877, 1-866, and the latest in the series, the 1-855 number.

Studies have shown that a combination of number and words is easier to remember than a 12-digit phone number. The secret lies in the use of the word. In order to be really useful, the word following the 1-800 prefix should describe the business as accurately as possible. For example, 1-800 – Flower is an ideal calling card for a flower business. If the word is not possible, one can modify to get similar-sounding word, for example, flowerz.

Benefits of using a VIP number

A VIP number is a great investment if you are running your business from a virtual office. Simply add a VIP number to your virtual office and see your business grow. The calls landing on your VIP number can be easily tracked. With call tracking enabled on your system, you can build a database of leads, understand your customers, export data to other programs and analyze ROI of your marketing campaigns.

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