Cloud telephony can be a great event management tool

June 6, 2015

Event management has never been easy. Whether you’re planning a small event or a big one, there is a huge task list that you need to accomplish before you get started. From getting people in one place to splitting work between team members. From staying in touch with clients to planning the catering and seating arrangement. All has to be taken care of. You need all the help you can get for tracking changes, allocating resources and solving last-minute problems that are the bane of every event manager.

Kishan Balaji, member of Bangalore-based Galeej Gurus, says, “With the amount of spam that goes around on social media, it is important to reach the inbox of a potential consumer.”

The use of technology has always been fascinating. How cool would it be if all this was taken care of by technology? Thanks to cloud telephony, this is now possible with minimal fuss.

This is why shifting to cloud telephony is a smart idea.

1. Portable

If your event is managed in the cloud, you don’t have to depend on a laptop. You can access the software from any device, as long as you’re connected to the internet. Thus, cloud telephony ensures you stay connected with employees, fans and vendors, anytime, anywhere.

2. Online registrations and payments

Registering and taking payment is an integral part of many events. This is where cloud technology can be a game-changer. Automatic online registration also becomes easy when you are using cloud telephony as you can use it to take, track and manage online payments. It can also help you store the data regarding users and send notifications and reminders.

3. Increased efficiency

You can track events right on the spot, plan your event online while discussing ideas with the client, have a single online diary where all event-related notes taken by your staff are stored, export your data to different programs and devices, and do a dozen other important tasks. And not just you – anyone from your team can take the benefit of the cloud-based solution.

4. Reduced costs

Not only do you get more efficiency when you use a cloud-based event software, but you also save money .When you switch to cloud telephony, you can invest that money in business rather than waste it on infrastructure.

5. Multitasking

Cloud telephony simplifies all common tasks related to the event. It can act as a ticketing system, help you manage hotel and restaurant bookings, chart out travel plans, manage speakers and sponsors, and enable users to accomplish most tasks online. This will turn most of the tedious and labor-intensive tasks into easy, automated processes.

Do you own a event management company or work as an event manager? Do you feel that you are getting buried under a flood of tasks associated with managing events? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, you have got to explore cloud telephony and see if using one can make your life easy.

“There are way too many invites for any given event and at the end of the day customers choose to go to places or events where they are comfortable, know the artist, or really enjoy the music and not to mention deals in particular night clubs. Having a phone number gives our group a “professional” touch to it,” says Kishan of Galeej Gurus. They recently switched to Knowlarity’s cloud telephony.

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