How Cloud Telephony helped Sumit set up a travel agency with minimal costs

May 21, 2021

Being a humble resident of Gurgaon, Sumit was no stranger to bad traffic situations, and increasing he knew that increasing vehicles on the road would definitely not ease up the situation. Pollution was increasing at a whole different level.

The need to solve this problem made Sumit come up with an idea of opening up his own travel agency, which would include renting the cabs by families, pooling of cabs by service class people, etc. While it would help him cut the number of cars on the road further, he could help his customers with a cost-effective and hassle-free medium of commute!

To create awareness and promote his agency, he used various marketing measures such as posters, pamphlets, websites, newspaper pamphlets, etc. He was not sure what would work and what wouldn’t – so he went all in!

Some of the key solutions he started looking for at that point included:

  1. Promoting his services to the largest number of people.
  2. Engaging all his existing clients through a proper medium or channel.
  3. Knowing return on investment from different marketing channels.

Sumit’s search for an effective inbound call management system led him to cloud telephony, which included IVR calls, toll-free numbers, click to call, etc. He was surprised to know that these features could integrate seamlessly with his business model, automating customer communication and making it hassle-free for him!

A bunch of problems were simultaneously solved. Here’s how:

Customer Call Handling

When loaded with calls which are of suggestions, inquiries, problems, it becomes difficult to sort through them, along with tracking missed calls and keeping a record of follow-ups.

This is when virtual numbers proved most useful! When a visitor would call a virtual number, the call would automatically be transferred to Sumit or agents working under Sumit with the help of an IVR. In the beginning, as a one-man team, Sumit could use this feature to get context on his customers even before he would pick up – saving his time and enhancing customer experience multifold.

This would allow him to monitor and track all calls through call logs and recordings. Through virtual number, he could now interact with his customers for different updates on membership and on other related inquiries.

Measuring marketing ROI

Sumit could now use different virtual numbers in ads which would let him know the outcome of the trackable marketing spends, as the response could be tracked to a particular virtual number. While constantly innovating on his marketing strategy, he could now get more leads with more clarity on which campaigns worked for his potential customers!

Ensuring customer privacy

Privacy is one of the biggest needs of the customer in such a business. The numbers of the riders are shared freely and people who book rides have no control over this. However, with Click-to-call, Sumit could now shield customer information with number masking!

Now that Sumit had way more insight into his business than he could have, he could plan marketing campaigns, generate offers and save huge costs with the magic of cloud telephony!

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