A Comprehensive Guide on Cloud Contact Centers With Features and Benefits

Feb 16, 2022

As the name suggests, Cloud Contact Center is a cloud-based solution, and it has been developed to serve businesses to improve and modernise their call center operations. It is software built-in with several features that make business communication systems more organised and efficient with minimal investment.

Let's discuss the cloud call center- the technology, its features and benefits, and how it holds relevance more than ever in 2022.

What is a cloud-based call center?

The cloud contact center is an internet-enabled and cloud-based call center software that streamlines client communication without the requirement of CAPEX. The software provides a comprehensive set of capabilities that make business communication efficient with minimal infrastructure requirements. Businesses can easily set up the solution with the existing CRM (it's compatible with the major and popular CRMs today, so there's no need to overhaul the current CRM system).

Features of the solution provided by the contact center services in India

Call routing & Recording: The solution offers advanced call management capabilities and streamlines client communication. The call routing feature enables companies to smartly route the calls to the free agents available to respond to the customers' calls without making them wait for long. It helps to improve customer experience as the feature drastically reduces the call wait time. Another feature is the call recording which enables companies to record the conversations and learn about agent productivity and customer satisfaction.

Concurrent calls: The cloud-based call center allows companies to attend to many customers' calls simultaneously. It helps to respond to several customers' concurrently and ensure that their queries are resolved faster.

Call control: When companies exercise greater control over the call operations, they can provide enhanced customer experiences. With the solution, they can queue the calls with mute, hole, and warm transfer, queue call back, and voicemail features during the call wait time.

Sticky Agent: The sticky agent concept is one of the best features of this modern call center as it connects the repeat callers to the agents they had a conversation with before. It helps provide a personalised CX.

Mobile App Access: The modern call center is available and accessible entirely with the mobile app. Companies can get a comprehensive view of the call center operations, making them better equipped to offer streamlined customer support.

International Call Numbers: Businesses can effortlessly create a seamless client communication system by using virtual numbers for different countries. They can connect with their potential customer base using the cost-efficient cloud call center solution.

Call Recordings possible through Cloud Call Centers

What if you could listen to recordings of every single call? This has several benefits.

Training This is one of the simplest ways to train your agents. You can play back the recordings to them and point out how they could have handled the call better. You could also select recordings where calls were handled very well or badly and use them as case studies.

Sales Salespeople can refer to call recordings to go over the details of prospects’ requirements. This is an easy way to look for specific terms that the prospect has used and incorporate those terms within your proposal. This will make a very favorable impression on your prospects and increase your chances of winning deals.

Call-Monitoring, Call-Whispering and Call-Barging You want your new associates to start taking calls as soon as possible. But how do you maintain quality levels and make sure that your customers are satisfied? Look for a solution with these three features:

Call-Monitoring: If you want to keep an eye on your customer support quality and monitor ongoing calls, you can do it by using the call monitoring feature. This is possible even without your agent or the customer being aware of it. This allows you to observe how well people are performing on the call.

Call-whispering: Sometimes you agents might get stuck and very unsure of what to say to the caller. This is hardly uncommon with new agents.

Call whispering is a feature that acts as training wheels. A manager can guide the agent during the call and tell them what to do or say. These instructions would not be heard by the caller and hence it’s called call whispering.

Call-Barging: Every now and then, call whispering may not work and the conversation might be in jeopardy. The last thing you would want is an angry customer. That’s when the best thing to do would be for a manager to intervene and take over the call. Call barging allows a manager who has been monitoring the call to step in and continue the conversation. The feature switches the call over from the agent to the manager.

Call Center Solution D

What are the benefits of using cloud call center software?

- Easy to install and activate:

Often, hardware installation in call centers needs a lot of hard work. Some complex hardware can even force the owner to get licenses. Cloud-based call center software helps in overcoming all this. Most of the cloud-based solutions are very easy to install and use. Likewise, in call centers, this software provides a smart plug-and-play solution that can integrate the existing CRM software with the cloud-based software. This brings all the information and helps the service provider provide quick and accurate cloud telephony solutions to the caller.

- Easy on pocket:

Most of the conventional call center setups require a lot of investment in computers and other hardware. This can easily be done away with by using cloud telephony solutions. Everything can be done using the cloud on the existing devices. Also, as the cloud service provider helps in maintaining the software, you do not need specialized personnel to help you. This can save a lot of money.

- Can be used from anywhere:

Cloud telephony solutions do not require an office setup. Most of the cloud-based call center software providers, like Knowlarity, offer the facility to forward the calls on agents' mobile numbers too. In this way, even if the agent is not available to pick up the call on the landline, they may still operate using their mobile phones from anywhere across the world. This helps in gaining customer trust with continuous and consistent help.

- Provides agent's performance insight:

This cloud-based software also helps in recording the conversation between the agent and the client. This recording can be used later to analyze the agent's performance and get deeper insights. The recording can be used to further train the new agents too. In case of any default, the recording can hold the agent or the customer accountable.

- High Security:

In a conventional brick-and-mortar call center, there are high chances of data leakage. It is difficult to contain highly confidential information. But in a cloud-based call center, all the data is encrypted in one place. This offers a safe and integrated space for confidential data to store. It is then in the company's hands to share the data with anyone they deem fit. It does away with a lot of hassle and saves a lot of resources for the company.

How can Cloud Contact Center give your business a competitive advantage?

1. Further develop Customer Experience

It very well may be hard to stay aware of changing buyer assumptions when utilizing more seasoned contact center innovations. APIs, then again, may assist you with planning an encounter that expects your customers' needs and offers great help. You might gather data about your customers from an assortment of sources and convey an altered and customized experience without fail. Thus, utilizing cloud contact centers further develops your client experience.

2. Scale Your Contact Center as per need

It's normal for organization requests to change over the long haul, so don't let your authorization and equipment keep you down. At the point when you fabricate a cloud contact center utilizing cloud technology, you can just increase or scale down as per your requirements.

3. Add Communications Channel Easily

Nine out of 10 individuals need to speak with organizations through text informing. You don't need to change your whole framework assuming that you use a cloud contact center. Since these work as building pieces, you can undoubtedly add extra channels to your present contact place.

4. Worldwide Reach

To interface out to numerous nations and areas, cloud contact center offers a huge landline pool and unparalleled constancy because of worldwide administrator association. This permits you to try not to need to arrange contracts with suppliers in each space where you lead activities.

5. Adaptability and Flexibility

Cloud contact focus frameworks need minimal on location costs or programming expertise, permitting organizations to increase and down telephone utility and abilities quickly. To meet yearly changes in shopper contact traffic, organizations may add additional telephone utility or contact steering frameworks.

6. Modern Compliance

It is a run of the mill for associations to address consistency commitments locally when utilizing a reason based contact place. This suggests that contact place specialists should find some kind of harmony between commanded revelations, conventions, and decide to guarantee that delicate data is overseen securely.

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