An Effective Outreach For Educational Platforms With Cloud Communications

June 11, 2021

One of the leading education e-platform is working towards helping teachers and parents understand the ability of students in mainstream subjects like mathematics and science through All India Engineering/Medical/Polytechnic Scholarship Tests. They are trying to establish a strong base by bringing about a speedy yet steady change in the way science education has been imparted to students across India.

The Need:

The client was in search of an inbound solution to route all customer calls to a central call center setup in Patna and Pune. With respect to the company’s requirement, the solution comprised of 9 extensions mapped to different departments; this system was built to attend calls during business hours only. A similar mechanism had to be designed with a different set of extensions for post business hours. In addition to this, SMS alerts were enabled to notify the manager or lead, if in case customer calls fail to connect to the call center.

The Solution:

Knowlarity proposed a toll-free solution with IVR system for the client to smart handle calls and streamline their customer base. Customer calls are first greeted with a custom welcome message followed by an automated IVR system with various menu options to choose from. Customers can follow the extensions in the IVR to instantly connect with right department or concerned person.Calls are forwarded to call center setups in Pune or Patna; the IVR system is setup differently to attend calls during and post business hours.

‘Sticky Agent’ is a unique offering in this solution. It connects the ‘same’ agent to the customer ensuring personalized interaction between both parties. In simple terms, the agent has previously interacted with the same customer and has good knowledge about the customer’s requirement, nature of business and so on. If in case the customer’s call goes unanswered, the call will automatically redirect to a different agent. SMS alerts are sent to managers or leads if customer calls do not connect to the call center.

Success Fact:

The client has promoted the benefits of Toll Free number on various social mediums to receive maximum attraction:

  1. Customer calls at no cost
  2. Increased enquires by 40%
  3. Welcome greeting using IVR system
  4. Advanced analytics to analyse the market ROI
  5. Provide support for 24*7

Knowlarity has offered its solution to the client ensuring 100% lead conversion. Please Feel Free to Contact Us.

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