Elaborating Text To Speech Services And Its Working

July 30, 2022

The primary focus of any business is to enhance its customer experience. Regardless of multiple factors, the only aim of a business is to provide seamless operations. Nowadays, businesses are opting for options to save some money and improve the user experience at the same time. Text to Speech assistive technology is the perfect match for this requirement as it lowers the costs by increasing automation while providing customized user interactions.

Text-to-speech service is assisting businesses, regardless of the industry, to enhance their customer base. This service has the potential to reach a wider audience and hence benefit businesses by improving their product/service demand. Let’s understand text-to-speech technology and learn about its work process in-depth.

Explaining Text To Speech

The common name of text to speech is TTS, which is the method of converting text into voice. Similar to other technologies, TTS was also not this efficient in its early days but AI concepts like natural languages, deep learning, and others have changed the game completely.

It is an advanced kind of AI and a part of voice recognition technology. TTS is empowered with an instant human alike sound. It is known as a part of assistive technology that has the capability of reading digital text aloud. People also call it “read aloud” technology.

The modern TTS solutions are cloud-based communication methods that are computer generated. Thanks to custom voice engines, any user can type a sentence or a script which automatically gets converted into audio with a human alike voice.

TTS is interpreting the text excellently and is largely employed by businesses for enhancing the user experience. Text-to-speech services offer businesses to choose that voice to convey their messages or for communicating with their audiences. It also comes with options for choosing a preferred language for your business along with the accents.

TTS is an AI-based technique that is improving with each passing day. A business can train the system as per their business environment by providing proper learning to the software. TTS software these days are completely customizable as per the business needs. Now, let’s get deep down and learn the working process of TTS.

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Working of Text To Speech Service

Text-to-speech works well with all kinds of digital devices like computer systems, laptops, tablets, and Smartphones. TTS is a part of AI technology where the software is trained to learn words of a language or multiple languages and convert them into speech.

When a script is given to the software, it converts the written text into digital codes and then reads them aloud just by clicking a button. The script is fully customizable and can be changed depending on your current business campaigns.

TTS is also trained to respond with a script depending upon the input they receive from the user. Businesses can add their pre-recorded messages to their present IVR system which can be utilized automatically on the customer’s selection.

Benefits of TTS For Businesses

The use of TTS is beyond industries these days and can offer a lot to businesses of all sizes. Some of these offerings include:

Thanks to the customization it offers, any business can personalize its message before reaching out to its target audience. It not only includes personalization of the message alone but also involves language selection, the accent of your choice, voice selection, and others.

TTS can be easily integrated with other solutions like IVR and can easily enhance the performance of your campaigns. Businesses can also use it for polls and surveys where TTS can respond as per the customer’s option selection.

Proper voice control is also a part of TTS. Voice control includes control over the pronunciation, emphasizing text, the rate of speech, the needed breaks between sentences and words, etc. It helps in generating a voice that sounds very close to humans. Your customers never prefer interacting with a robot. This feature of TTS will help you with providing better customer communication satisfaction.

TTS is a super economic and time-saving technique for businesses as it gets installed quickly and you can use it easily. You can also use it with other solutions saving your agent’s time while improving your customer experience.

Looking For TTS Solution Provider?

Knowlarity is one of the leading TTS solution providers in our country. It is known for quality and efficient text-to-speech services to multiple businesses across India. Regardless of the size of your business, you can always rely on Knowlarity of cloud communication-based solutions like TTS.

Written By:  Manna Khare


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