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Nov 02, 2015

Whether you’re a CEO, marketing strategist, manager or anywhere in between, it goes without saying that you must have called for countless meetings on how to track customers, manage database, conquer potential leads, ensure quick customer responsiveness and make the most of your business opportunities.

Trying to integrate customer management with marketing strategies is a task – but the good news is – we’ve evolved a long way from the very basics of a telephone system to a sophisticated, advanced automated mechanism – better known as Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Today, cloud technology is on on the rise with most businesses gearing towards this solution; but it’s critical that you choose the right communication system that complements your CRM workflow.

Know About CRM Integration?

Getting a CRM system to seamlessly function with your website or a business communications system is what we often call – CRM Integration. Being the holy grail of customer management, it promotes your CRM system to work twice as much in order to track and retain customer information. In short, CRM in itself is just an application built to organize your business in the best way possible and it only gets better when you opt for CRM integration.

Why Do You Need CRM Integration?

Your business is soaring high, your team is constantly interacting with customers and prospects, there is a strong need to organize, track and manage all of your customer interactions for future records, and hence, CRM come into play!

In most cases, you will be able to streamline customer calls, spot when leads visit your site, track the number of visits per page, understand the nature of the information they requested, all of that and more! Better yet, with the support of some CRMs, you can enable advanced settings to channel customer calls or requests like queries, downloads, comments, etc., to the right representative of your company without any middle management.

Choose the Right Cloud-Based Communications

First thing first! Whether you have a CRM of your choice or not, you must look for the right solution offering you a good business communications system with easy integration. Knowlarity’s flagship product – SuperReceptionist is a virtual IVR solution which comes with a host of advanced features to streamline customer interactions, seamlessly integrate with your CRM, intelligently handle calls, and ensure that your customer records are always up to date.

Take a glimpse of the product features to make the best choice for your business:

  • Generate leads directly into your CRM system automatically for every call
  • Initiate sales, marketing or outbound calls straight from your CRM
  • Send transactional or promotional SMS from your CRM
  • Monitor inbound & outbound call qualities from within CRM

Here’s What the CRM Platter Has Got to Offer

Your business is most definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to a wide range of CRMs to choose from, based on your requirement. Most CRM Services are typically softwares on cloud, which brings the possibility of having access to your data from anywhere, anytime. Some of the most common CRMs are FreshDesk, SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, InfusionSoft, NetSuite, Zoho, Highrise and Sugar.

Get Started For a Wonderful CRM Experience

Knowlarity offers out-of-the-box solutions to seamlessly integrate SuperReceptionist with almost all popular CRMs. All that matters is your choice of cloud-based communications because most CRMs hold the same set of information with similar business goals:

  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Improve business efficiency
  • Expand customer base and track prospects
  • Boost sales and support team

Empower and connect your business with the right communications system and win over customers like never before!

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