How Cloud Telephony has Helped Government Agencies to Fight COVID-19

Sep 9, 2021

Cloud Telephony in India has transformed how businesses and even the government operates. During the global pandemic, it has been challenging for government agencies worldwide to deal with this unexpected crisis. But cloud telephony has helped the agencies to combat the challenges posed by Covid-19.

Let's discuss the success story of cloud telephony and the cloud contact center in particular.

Remote Working:

Cloud Contact centers are cloud-based centers that have played an instrumental role in addressing the public's concerns with remote working. The setup is easy to install, and the executives can work from anywhere.

They could work remotely and do their duties as responsible government-appointed members diligently in the stressful times of the global pandemic. Cloud center has made the communication process easy, quick, and accessible from anywhere. So, the agencies could set up the whole process to facilitate remote working and serve the citizens 24x7.

The traditional setup is complex and hard to manage. Moreover, it ties up the agencies with the office, limiting its flexibility in addressing the public’s growing concerns. Moreover, there's no heavy investment involved, and the setup is ready to use with a simple structure.

Covid-19 Protocols:

With the help of cloud telephony in India, the agencies were available for the public 24x7, which was important in a crisis like Covid- 19. People were confused, terrified and in such a situation, timely information saved people's lives. The telecom companies provided the correct information on following the Covid protocols and were made aware of the consequences.

The telecom subscribers were constantly reminded of Covid's appropriate behaviours such as wearing masks, hand sanitisation, and social distancing. It created massive awareness among people. India has a vast population and in these critical times, relying on cloud telephony was the perfect solution to provide the correct information to every person. It stayed connected with the public at large and upheld the public trust.

Dissemination of correct information to the public:

Covid-19 has created chaos, public restlessness, and it triggered anxiety more due to false information being circulated. The public was being misinformed with information from unverified sources, which created a panic situation.

With the help of cloud telephony in India, such as IVR- people could get the correct information from the verified sources of the government agencies. The pre-recorded messages and the different self-help menus directed the caller to the right website or numbers they could use to get immediate help.

Be it about the Covid-19 helpline, information about Antigen Tests or the RTPC tests, about hospitals, bed availability, and much more. People didn't have to look anywhere else to know about the correct and nearby resources as they could quickly understand about the same with the IVR solution embedded in the phone calls.

Tracking of Data & More Benefits-

With the help of cloud telephony, the agencies attended many concurrent calls and pacified people with quick answers. Moreover, with the call routing feature, the callers were quickly connected with the agents, and the callers who were already stressed and dealing with difficult times could be addressed promptly.

The software is scalable and meets the growing demands of the government. Furthermore, it provides actionable data that helped the government improve its Covid-19 relief operations and yield better results. In addition to this, there's a backup of data available, which gives the agencies complete security with a quick and sophisticated data disaster recovery process.

Timely Updates

With cloud telephony, people are getting Covid-19 updates. Moreover, by connecting to the cloud contact centers, they are informed on the Vaccination process - to date, 63,43,81,358 people in India have been vaccinated. People quickly got information about the vaccination center available nearby.

A large population must get vaccinated to develop herd immunity, and so gradually, the cases could decline. With cloud telephony solutions such as a dedicated 24x7 Covid-19 helpline, citizens can get accurate information and stay connected with the government. In a digital era dominated by the circulation of misleading information, the government took charge of the situation and helped citizens be informed and follow the protocols.


Cloud Telephony in India has found huge acceptance, especially by the government, which has fought Covid-19 with better and advanced technology. With cloud contact centers, it has been able to address citizens' concerns and disseminate the correct information to the people.

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