Reinvent Your Business Operations via Cloud Telephony Solutions

May 11, 2021

Organizations looking for a transition from traditional workstation to a digitalised workstation can venture into cloud solutions. Every industrial segment has its own customer support system to offer solutions to their customers on product queries or more. To serve the purpose of solely an outbound service to its customers, companies need a flexible and automated platform for long term sustainability.

To improve the performance of services like sales calling, customer surveys, marketing campaigns, and user verification organisations can implement cloud telephony solutions. Which helps them to run their business efficiently from anywhere, any location.

This can be initiated via CRM integration and Progressive Dialers with outbound IVR systems. These features can simply be incorporated through outbound call center software. On the other hand, the relationship manager along with his team will only require a mobile phone/laptop/desktop and a decent internet connection. There is no hassle of any hardware or infrastructure set up to start with.

Vital Essence of Cloud based Outbound Solution

Remote Workforce Management

A virtual working solution will enable the remote workforce to be monitored from anywhere anytime via a single digital platform. That can also be customized as per your business requirements. The team working on outbound calls can simply connect with the customers from any location via virtual nos.

  • Virtual nos can be enabled on every remote agent mobile number to continue with work as usual.
  • With a secure mobile app/laptop/desktop access the supervisor/manager will have access to an analytics dashboard.
  • The online dashboard can be installed via CRM integration software. Followed by which, the reports will be generated in real-time to offer live data insights like customer information.
  • Those insights can be utilized for training purposes to serve the customers better in the future.
  • The other added advantage is connecting with multiple customers via sending automated personalised calls.

Cost Saving Solution

Virtual outbound call centers have cost-saving benefits for businesses. Without an external hardware or infrastructure requirement, one can simply implement the OBD software. Besides, businesses can focus more on their marketing campaigns by optimizing their outbound campaigns.

  • Business can initiate automated outbound calls for various activities.
  • To conduct market research, sales calls, follow-ups, product announcements, fundraise, promotional offers, product announcements, and much more.
  • Besides, agencies can also send out bulk automated SMS and voice call bursts to multiple customers simultaneously.
  • ]Through this, any business vertical can save both time and costs on multiple activities.

Quick Scalability for Every Business

The best feature of a cloud based outbound calling solution is that it serves both the big and small players in the market. Since this is a dynamic scalable solution so both the industries small or big can opt from one agent to multiple agents, and may reduce the count at any given time.

  • Automated personalised greeting message ensures a professional touchpoint at first connect.
  • The personalised greeting can be placed via a regional or English accent-based voice.
  • This feature can be added via an IVR (Interactive Voice Response system) and a multi-level IVR system.
  • The multi-level IVR initiates an automated sub-menu option that guides the customers to reach the solution they are seeking for.
  • Thus, one can simply scale at their ease as per their business requirement.
  • With the power-packed features, businesses can generate more quality leads.

Create a Digital Workspace for the Future

The future workplace will gain momentum in technological innovation. Improve your business communication via a digital platform. Businesses can easily transition from their existing traditional model with only a few prerequisites.

  • The organization will be required to import their existing data on the new platform within a few hours to continue with their services uninterrupted.
  • Businesses can process multiple calls within a few hours of installing the OBD software.
  • With minimal human effort, automated calls can be placed to save time and cost.
  • The single interface also enables a text-to-speech service that transforms informative text to lifelike speech.

Industries like food delivery services, financial institutions, educational institutions, telecom companies, the e-commerce sector and much more can benefit from automated outbound calls.

Using the right technology at the right time will benefit organizations, in the long run, to sustain organizational performance even at uncertain times!

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