What are some popular use cases of WhatsApp Business Solution?

July 29, 2022

In this technology-driven era, so many social media platforms are available for us to use, but no one can come even closer to WhatsApp. It makes messaging fun and allows its users to make high-quality voice and video calls. Since all the chats are encrypted, users trust WhatsApp more than anything else.

However, it is no longer a platform where you can come and have fun. Nowadays, businesses use WhatsApp as a medium to offer splendid support services and promote their offerings for high sales.

Let's learn about some popular use cases of WhatsApp business solutions:

  • Magnificent customer service:

Currently, customers have multiple support channels like telephone, email, live chat, etc., to reach brands and get solutions to product- or service-related issues. All these channels expect customers to invest some time to get assistance. This doesn't go well for some customers because no one likes to skip their daily routine tasks and talk with support agents over some annoying issues.

This is where the significance of WhatsApp skyrockets because you can offer customer service on this social media platform and leave your customers impressed. You need to create a chatbot using WhatsApp Business API and offer all the options to help customers resolve the basic issues.

Customers love to be assisted by WhatsApp chatbots because they do not consume time and offer infallible solutions. Another reason is that customers don't have to find time to talk to a support agent, unlike other support channels. They can request a call back if needed.

If they have received any broken product, they can share images or videos on WhatsApp and let your support team understand the issue appropriately. It will result in quick refunds, which will surely enhance the customers' support experience. So, this is the major use case of WhatsApp Business API for businesses.

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Automated notifications:

Reminders play a vital role, no matter the industry your business belongs to. With the help of reminders, you can keep the cart abandonment rate low, aid your customers in avoiding late payment charges, reduce no-show-ups, and much more. Again, you must make sure that you are using WhatsApp business API to its full potential.

Besides this, you can use automated notifications to boost sales growth. All you need to do is share user-specific coupons, recommend products for upselling and cross-selling, notify about your top-selling products that are back in stock, etc. These tactics will help you make high profits and give your customers an outstanding shopping experience.

Customer feedback collection:

If you are a business owner, you should know how valuable customer data is because it can help you in many ways. For example, you can customise your marketing campaigns according to the age of your customers, or you can send personalised coupons after analysing your customers' shopping behaviour. This step greatly impacts the long run because customers will feel that they are your priority. Hence, they are likely to turn into brand advocates.

Investing in a WhatsApp business solution can collect customer feedback after every second interaction. It can do wonders for you because you can identify the factors that customers love and also come to know about the hidden issues that are ruining their brand experience.

It would help if you never undervalue customer feedback is important because it can help keep your business stable in the long run and offer key insights for easier customer acquisition. It may surprise you that negative feedback is more important than a positive one because it tells you why your business is lacking behind your competitors and how you can put the brakes on the rising customer turnover rate.

If you want to send feedback collection messages to get an idea about your NPS score, get in touch with Knowlarity regarding their WhatsApp business API for businesses now

Written By:  Manna Khare


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