What is the Difference Between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API?

Apr 27, 2022

Often small and medium-sized businesses encounter stringent competition from seasoned players in their niche marketplace. Thus, they constantly seek solutions that can propel their business to new heights of success. Technology plays a pivotal role in augmenting businesses today, and Cloud-based applications emerge as winners. The communication specialist WhatsApp has expanded its usability as companies are now leveraging the WhatsApp Business application and WhatsApp Business API to promote and strengthen their brands, engage with the audience, and boost sales. Want to gain from this brilliant channel? Read on to find out more.

Why Migrate to WhatsApp Business Application?

  • Designed for small and medium-sized businesses who seek to communicate personally with their audience or customers.

  • Free-to-download application for small and local businesses that are simpler to operate yet desire to render improved customer service to their clientele.

  • Pre-existing business numbers can be easily converted to WhatsApp Business accounts by following this procedure.

Step 1: Download the WhatsApp Business application.

Step 2: Verify your existing business phone number.

Step 3: Restore your account from a backup (optional).

Step 4: Create your business name.

Step 5: Build your profile via the options tab.

Watch Out!

  • Upon migrating to the WhatsApp Business App, you no longer can use the same phone number for WhatsApp Messenger. However, you can simultaneously run both these applications on your phone, if you have two SIM cards.

  • Chats and media of your existing business phone number can be accessed post-migration if you have opted for a chat backup option in Settings.

  • Want to switch back to WhatsApp Messenger? Delete your WhatsApp Business Account first. However, the chat and media backup will also be deleted. Further, if you migrate the Business Account to a new number, you cannot recover the old chats.

Why Migrate to WhatsApp Business API?

  • Designed for enterprises (mature brands) who require an all-inclusive business suite that seamlessly integrates with their existing data and communication/social channels.

  • API enables enterprises to operate and handle colossal volumes of customer interactions across the customer lifecycle.

  • Brands can communicate with their audience through two methods: One-to-one conversations and notifications.

Benefits of WhatsApp Business API

  • Establish chatbots and conversational flows to qualify high-value leads, drive product engagement and consideration, and self-service for scheduling appointments, placing orders, finding store locations, cancelling orders, or requesting refunds.

  • Establish automated responses for general customer inquiries.

  • Route and escalate conversations to bots or humans, based on the query’s complexity.

  • Send timely and important notifications during your customer’s lifecycle, such as order purchase, payment confirmation, shipping update, account update, issue resolution, POS system and OTP verification.

  • Manage customers' conversations from WhatsApp phone numbers and a centralised chat dashboard.

  • Automate important instants in the customer journey such as redeeming loyalty rewards, additional purchases, using discount coupons, and retrieving receipts.

  • Utilizing NLP for comprehending different phrases and grammatical errors while typing and suggesting corrections.

Why Use Our Solution?

With 2 billion active users, WhatsApp offers a colossal opportunity for businesses to grow and expand. Our WhatsApp Business API provider can assist your organisation with quality lead generation, enhanced operational efficiency, customer service and support at a lucrative cost.

Any amount of automation or scale you require for 300+ active users can be easily achieved with our customised WhatsApp Business API. For instance, you can broadcast outbound messages to your clientele or targeted audience at regular intervals, without manual intervention. Simply, create your broadcast message and establish a schedule to transmit.

Our Uniqueness

IVR Deflection: Route incoming calls to WhatsApp and optimise call volume and reduce wait time for your customers. It leads to improved customer service and enhances client satisfaction.

Conversational Bots: Be available to your customers round the clock with ChatBots. This application automates customer engagement, quickly resolves queries, renders quick support, and nurtures leads across the customer journey. Notifications: Update your customers and audience regularly through automated messaging for Orders and Reminders.

Benefits of deploying our WhatsApp Business API

Load Management: Reduce Call Centre traffic load by migrating calls to WhatsApp text

Increase Agent Efficiency: Enable multiple conversations on a single chat window for each agent, thus boosting the agent’s productivity.

Improve Customer Experience: Offer quick resolutions and reduce the wait time to enhance Customer experience and CSat scores.

Reduce Costs: Migrate your existing synchronous communication channel to an economical asynchronous channel of WhatsApp Business API.

Offer Rich User Experience: Share product/services photos, documents, and links with your customers to offer them a unique and joyful experience that hooks them to your brand/company.

Customers Multi-task: Allows customers the flexibility to leave or re-enter conversations, anytime.

Want to create credibility, trust, and sales? Talk to our experts today. Visit Knowlarity's website or call on the toll free number to learn more.

Written By:  Aakanksha


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