Why is Cloud Telephony Important and What is the Future of Cloud Telephony?

Apr 13, 2022

Cloud telephony is popularly known as the VoIP-based PBX solution. Cloud telephony is a unified communication module that brings various communication tools and systems to one online portal.

Following the path of UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service), cloud telephony covers VoIP-based calling, video calls, CRM, and various other communication and PBX tools. Cloud telephony has made expansion for companies cost-efficient and less of a hurdle, and it also provides excellent tools for team management and organization. In past years, cloud telephony and some leading service providers such as Knowlarity have entirely changed the customer engagement experience for companies with a one-stop solution.

Why is cloud telephony important?

Cloud telephony is the future of customer engagement services for companies of all sizes. Slowly taking over the telemarket, cloud telephony has already taken over the hurdles of customer engagement for some giant and unicorn companies in the market. A few critical cloud telephony benefits are as follows:

  • One-stop solution - Cloud telephony is a VoIP-based service. The unified communication module brings together various communication paths ready to use in one platform.
  • Quick implementation - With the elimination of cables and technicians, cloud telephony provides fast and effortless implementation and installation.
  • Cost-efficient - Cloud telephony saves lots of expenses as compared to traditional PBX. From expensive conventional phone bills to limited calling minutes and additional SMS service costs, cloud telephony eliminates them all, providing companies with the most cost-efficient PBX solutions.
  • Reliable and secure - Cloud telephony is a reliable source for PBX solutions, providing enterprise-grade security to businesses of all scales. -Scalable - Cloud telephony helps companies eliminate expanding costs, hurdles of installation, and physical labor.
  • Call Management - Advanced call management features of cloud telephony help avoid repetitive manual tasks. Few call management features of cloud telephony are: auto attendant, call forwarding, video conferencing, call recording, and AI-enabled call management. -CRM integration - Integrates all leading CRMs
  • Speech analytics platform

Cloud Telephony Solution

What is the future of cloud telephony?

Cloud telephony is already here. A large number of businesses are already using cloud telephony to improve their communication and coordination in daily business operations. The adoption of cloud telephony solutions is only set to increase in the future. Here is a look at the future of cloud telephony in India.

Empowering Startups

We are all aware of the startup wave happening in India. Cloud telephony is set to empower these startups and enable them to reach new heights quickly. This is based on the three underlying cloud telephony benefits. They are:

  • Affordability: startups have limited funds.
  • Scalability: they require an easily scalable system as they grow.
  • Trustworthiness: they can’t afford any technical issues or outages.

Thus, we can conclude that cloud telephony solutions can become the driving tool for communication for startups in the upcoming years.

Support for cultural diversity

Multi-language support is essential for any business looking to expand across the country. A cloud telephony system will enable businesses to cater to a diverse set of customers from across the country and help with business expansion. Intelligent cloud telephony systems with AI capabilities can help enhance the user experience. For instance, an intelligent IVR system can greet and converse with customers in their native language based on their location. Similarly, cloud telephony systems will divert the call to a regional language specialist automatically. This helps enhance the customer experience, improve customer satisfaction and trust, and ultimately helps in business growth.

Help Government Agencies

Cloud telephony solutions will not only help businesses grow but also lend a helping hand to government agencies. Firstly, it will help streamline communication between various government departments. This will help reduce the delays that occur in government processes.

Moreover, cloud telephony solutions, being cost-effective, help the government save capital, which can be used elsewhere. Lastly, cloud telephony solutions open new channels for citizen communication. Cloud telephony solutions can be easily run even in remote or crowded areas where traditional systems face difficulties.


Cloud telephony solutions have taken over the traditional PBX solution for customer engagement. Cloud telephony India has shown some significant impact on large-scale business clients.

Knowlarity is India's best cloud telephony solution, providing companies with a unified communication method, including audio calls, video calls, messaging, AI speech analytics, etc. Cloud telephony is the future of customer engagement services, and Knowlarity is already bringing that future into today's world.

Written By:  Aakanksha


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