5 Reasons why Text to speech must be integrated in your call centre

December 21, 2021

Nowadays, Human interaction has been digitized, and technology is continually evolving. The ability of a system to transform Text into spoken words and vice versa is a critical component of interaction or self-service communication. Voice recognition has been transformed by Text to speech systems. IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a service that turns written input into speech. However, when you integrate Text to speech into your business, it helps to convert written texts into speech. Thanks to advancements in voice recognition technology, TTS now has a more human-like tone, allowing for instant human gratification through greetings on IVR calls. However, Text to speech has improved in terms of functionality thanks to current sophisticated research. Here are some lists of 5 reasons why Text to speech must be integrated in your call centre.

Multiple language and accent:

A good text to speech also supports all popular languages, which is an outstanding feature. Immigrants and visitors will be able to converse more effectively with natives and thrive in distant nations due to this. When you combine Indian voice text to speech with a list of global vocabulary, you get words that include mostly English, Hindi, and Indian accents.


Over the last few years, the Text to speech market has exploded, as has the technology. When comparing prices, you must take into account all factors. When you merge Indian voice text to speech into your business, you get more flexible price alternatives and better cost management transparency. Quality control that is thorough and exact, on the other hand, will always yield a positive return on investment.

Campaign customization: If you are applying a text to speech converter for hours on end, you will want it to be as fun as possible. Having a text to speech system in your business allows you to customize the speech and voice modulation based on the type of product or service and the campaign's nature. The capacity to modify the pitch and tone of human voices is a game-changer, and it improves your business experience.

Voice quality:

Maintaining a high level of voice quality in your call centre is one of the most critical things you as a manager can do. For ensuring that you deliver the finest customer service possible, it is best to listen in on calls and examine call transcripts. For managing and monitoring your call centre, it is essential to have an effective voice quality method. You will need a system that can quickly and effectively respond to client feedback and concerns. Business is aided when Text to speech is installed in your call centre, and it helps control your pronunciation, volume, text emphasis, and speech rate according to the situation.

Offers human-like voice quality:

Conversational interfaces are becoming increasingly popular in today's technology. Users communicate with their devices through speech, delegating duties to them the same manner they would go to a human. TTS can help you give your company a voice, and Customers will enjoy a near-human voice experience with an Indian accent. You can deliver an incredibly outstanding and pleasurable consumer experience. Text to speech synthesis technology enables businesses to boost automation and efficiency while lowering operating expenses and increasing the customer experience.

Increase IVR options:

Intelligent Virtual is gaining traction in the contact centre business. They can handle basic customer service requests and transfer the caller to a human representative if needed. When text-to-speech software is installed in your business, it instantly adds recorded voice to your IVR script, providing your callers with various alternatives to pick from. This unique quality of Text to speech is important and offers advanced top quality that allows your business the best possible experience for your business callers. They help you build your business, and they also set your business with an expressive and unique TTS voice.

Shift to Text to speech:

Finally, Text to speech is a wonderful tool that benefits practically everyone somehow. TTS technology is used in business, whether it is for learning or marketing. You learned about the features and benefits of Text speech software in this article. So Knowlarity is the leading cloud communication provider in up-and-coming regions, with customers from various industries. Knowlarity is a good choice if your business requires a text-to-speech.

Written By:  Aliya


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