A food destination present through physical retail stores, online portal and a mobile application uses Knowlarity’s Virtual Number Solution

Knowlarity’s Virtual Number Solution helps connect customers to the food destination

A food destination present through physical retail stores, online portal and a mobile application uses Knowlarity’s Virtual Number Solution

The food industry is highly competitive, the food retailers need to have a fully integrated online and in-store omnichannel strategy. Cloud communication technologies empower retail businesses to be accessible to their customers at all times and automate engagement to provide a superior customer experience, helping them drive more ROI and revenue. Knowlarity’s Virtual Number solution aids a premier food destination that’s present through physical retail stores, an online portal and a mobile application. The Vanity Number is a single communication number that helps them keep up with their prospects by providing order booking, support and marketing efforts. The Vanity Number solution manages all their business calls and is integrated with their CRM.

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Absence of a single destination for customers to reach the food e-commerce company

If a customer wants to get delivery, they would search for numbers of the nearest store or often get confused in the application.

Operations wise, individual stores’ contact teams would often spend time in directing customers to the right store. The calls they would receive for orders would require some amount of guidance. Business leaders faced difficulties in getting insights on their processes. It was a situation that required intervention if things needed fixing in both - customer side of things and internal processes.

Integrating business processes with an intelligent & agile solution

Knowlarity's Cloud-based Virtual Number Solution aids 36+ stores, online portals, and a mobile application to be available on an easy-to-remember number at all times and streamline and automate their business process. It helps the pioneering food destination connect with customers, which are being routed through Knowlarity’s server. This solution also uses intelligent routing feature technology which detects an idle agent & directs the customer to them while exhibiting customer data. Hence, this results in answering every call while keeping track of every incoming call and monitoring every call received, answered, and missed by the support team. Every activity is now simply managed on a single platform of real-time call analytics dashboard that comes as an in-built feature of the Vanity Number.

Success Post Knowlarity Solution

Contact Centre Solution for Productivity & Superior Customer Support

With the coming in of a single Virtual Number for processes across the country, it was easy for customers to connect to the food destination- whether it be a physical store or the online destination. The Business leaders could focus on the entire picture of customer experience as the data driven insights of the Virtual Number made it easier for them to understand the areas which require attention. The operational efficiency of the business increased. The Business leaders could understand the zones of operation that worked well and zones that could do better with some marketing. The agents’ performance could be tracked on a remote basis. The Virtual Number solution didn’t only increase the recall value of the brand but also value of their contact center operations.

Milestones Achieved

High recall value
Improved Operational Efficiency
Increased Lead Generation
Managing services across India with quick set-up without infusing CapEx
Live performance tracking via real-time call analytics